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Will E.
People are coming here to take control over their health and weight. We have had quite a few overweight individuals come and change their life. Here's a link to James Mason's blog, 

He lost 60 kg here in 9 months. James will be back in 2 months to continue his quest to lose 100 kg. He did it by training 2-3 times a day. He followed a strict diet and supplement routine that our in house bodybuilder, Peter the Thai Hulk designed for him. Many people find that a combination of the bodyfit class, Thai boxing, weight lifting and running helps them lose weight very fast. Have a look at a couple video clips of James,

A day in the life of James, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6cBFZWwzeE

James training boxing, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7S-7Jm1FELU


TMT staff

I am coming to tiger for 2 and 1/2 months for weight loss reasons. I was wondering is the body fit class to advanced for beginners in muay Thai and working out in general?
Will E.
Hi Carlee,

The bodyfit program caters to people of any fitness level. You won't be pushed any harder than you can handle.

The Muay Thai training is broken up into skill categories. Beginner, intermediate, advanced and fighter only. Each skill level has their own dedicated training area.

See you soon.
Thanks for the reply. I was really hoping to do the yoga and body fit class. It looks like they are right one after the other on the schedule. Is there any time to eat in between the classes?
Will E.
Unfortunately there is not any time to eat a proper meal. You can eat a little before yoga. Or slam a quick protein shake or eat a small snack between the two classes. Maybe an apple or banana. You don't want to be too full before bodyfit because it's so rigorous.
Hi there!

Im coming to Tiger Muay Thai next March for 3 months for weight loss purposes. I need to lose a total of 55kg and I think that going there would jump start this process.

What I would like to now is, since I have to lose that much weight, do I have to sign in to any specifc classes or I would take the same classes as everyone else but at my own pace.?

Will anyone design a routine for me or I should do that on my own?  Are thw MMA and BJJ classes include  in the training program or  they are paid apart?

Hope to  be there soon.



Grant Sandow
Hi Phillipe

TMT is a great to kick start the weight loss process. You don't need to sign up for classes, just be motivated and show up. There are different classes you can join over the period of the day and even when a bit over trained try some yoga.

For a program of what you might be able to handle, maybe talk to James. James has now lost over a 100kg since arriving. Just ask, everybody knows him.

If you need a weights program talk to Pete. He has a world of experience and competes nationally. It may be worth paying the extra and have Pate take you through the 1st couple of workouts. He can be found in the gym.

Good luck with your goal. I should back there in March as well and am always happy to guide people with their goals.


I'm thinking about sending my overweight parents to TMT.  Does someone monitor what they eat?  I'm worried that if left unmonitored, they will eat more calories than they burn.
Hi..i am looking at coming at coming to muay thai for atleast a month. I currently weigh 68 kgs and my height is 160 cms. I want to drop 15 kilos and wanted to know how long i would need to come to muay thai camp for me to achieve that goal realistically?

I want to know so I can take enough time off. Please advise. Thank you
Iam coming to TMT for 1month training to loss my weight and make my body fit. My goal is around 20kgs to lose my weight. Is it possible to lose 20kgs in one month and make my body fit??

I'm willing to come to Tiger Muay Thai in November, I will stay 21 days wishing to lose 15 kg. Do you think this's too optimistic? 

The other thing is I'm going to go for the ALL inclusive package, I wonder if the meals plans in this package are designed for weight loss or for body builders?

From the 1st sight of the website I thought it's more for fighters but started to read about some weight loss and therefore I'm considering it. Can you please let me know how correct my impression is?
The last point I need to ask, is there any Zumba or similar classes which aims for weight loss in a funny way?

Thanks an lot and sorry for my long inquiries.

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