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My 14 yo and i (47) will arrive in 6 days, been looking forward to this for some time. I have 2 questions,
My son and i are ectomorphs so I was wondering how the meal plan works for those wanting to GAIN weight?
My second one is what is the training schedule for the week? (We are at TMT for 2 weeks). Does the training fill the day or have my son and i got time to hire a couple of bikes and have a look around the place?

Let us know please and see you all very soon.
firstly the meal plan contains alot of very clean meals if you were to book for 14 days you would receieve 28 meals you can use them as you want for example 3 monday 1 tuesday but it works out at 2 a day , the meal plan contains salads meat fish pasta pizza's thai food etc, you can buy extra meals at the grill or go down the road if you were to eat these sort of clean meals 4-6 times a day maybe with some supplements you will gain weight , training starts at 6am i think for yoga and ends with bjj at 7-8am i think so trianing fills the day
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