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Hi guys, I'll be back at TMT from December 15th till Feb 1st 

Last year I was there for 5 weeks and lost 7 kg without training as hard as I should have and without watching what I ate. Over the last year I've wasted it by gaining all the weight back.

So I'm back for 7 weeks to try and fix it and stick to it, but I'd love to have someone to both help motivate me, and that I could possibly help motivate.

I'm around 100 kg at the moment and the goal is to try to drop 10-15 kg in the 7 weeks 

I plan on doing the body fit class every morning, training one on one with Peter whenever I can and doing the beginner Muay Thai on Tue/Thu + western boxing classes Mon/Wed/Fri, with one on one's hopefully 5 times a week

What I'm looking for is anyone who is motivated to lose weight and wants a training partner to do things outside of those events, something that involves beneficial movements exercise but can be viewed as more of an enjoyment such as..

- Playing tennis
- Going for walk/jog/run whether around the gym or at the beach
- Sparring

I know it's pretty easy to meet people around camp, but I figured if there's anyone out there with similar goals, and there during that time frame that wants to engage in such activities, feel free to message me on here to try and organise

I'm motivated and mad at myself for blowing it last year, so this time I want results
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