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The camp will be closed on the following date:
5th of Dec HM King's Birthday

On 17th Dec There will be an annual camp blessing ceremony at 9 a.m. Every guests are welcome to join the ceremony and please dress appropriately. Later on in  the evening, we will have our small staff party at 7. The camp will be closed the next day on 18th Dec.

31st Dec and 1st Jan New Year's Eve and New Year Day

Stephen Wright
 Ill be there Dec 16th to Jan 2.
This will be my first time over there.

1-The blessing of the camp? Can you elaborate on this a little more.

2-Appropriate attire?  What is considered respectful.

3- When the Camp is closed on those days is everything shut down in town also?

Thank you,
Stephen Wright
Joey TMT
1) We are still not sure as to when the next Camp Blessing is. It doesn't happen every 17th of Dec.
2) When it comes to visiting Temples: For Men: T-shirt and long shorts is okay or jeans.  As for women, shirts with sleeves/ long skirt or jeans.
3) It is just the camp that is closed during Camp blessings not for the whole day though.

good´╝îthanks for your post
If you are a wower,please read
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