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TMT Staff
Sawasdee TMT Guests,

Starting July 27, TMT Office will now be open on Sundays from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. for check-in and guest services, gear shop, and internet.

Guests can make appointments for private training on Sundays as well.



myk baxter

awesome, you guys just keep getting better and better. i love training sundays so personals will be sweet

Hi. My flight arrives into Phuket around midnight - which probably puts me at your location around 1 in the morning. Samai in your office said the cab driver would take me to Tiger first and then to my hotel Coconut Village. But will there be people at those locations at this hour?
Will E.
Have you received confirmation for your booking? If so there will be someone there to check you in.


Will @ TMT
I am getting ready to register and have the exact same question. Maybe you want to put something on your site to explain the exact process.

When I come out of the airport at midnight, how much cash should I have? Can I get it from an ATM in the airport? Will I need to settle my whole bill the first night when I get there? Or can I crash and settle the rest when I get up the next day? Can I pay you in US dollars at a decent exchange rate?

Like I said, I am only not registering but thought you might want to answer the question for everyone up front.

Will be there in a few weeks and am getting excited.

Will E.
You can covert your dollars in to baht at the airport. Yes you can use atm's to withdraw baht. Just make sure you warn your bank you will be traveling abroad. Otherwise they may freeze your account because they suspect identity theft.

If you arrive late at night you will not be expected to settle your whole bill then. You can square up the next morning via cash or credit card. You asked how much cash you need to have with you. I'm not sure, I would consult the invoice you were quoted from our bookings department. Also if you are planning on paying by credit card you won't have to carry that much. You can extract from an atm as needed. 

You should change your money to baht as most places will not accept USD. This can be done at an airport kiosk or a bank in the area near the camp.
Zak Kinion
I was somewhat confused when I called.  The lady on the phone said that nobody would be there late at night..?

Will E.
Yes it's closes at 7 pm Mon-Sat and 5 pm on Sundays. We have a night check in person. If you have a reservation the night check in person will be on standby. Once you arrive at the camp they will show you to your room. Then you can come in the next day morning and get signed up. If you want to make a reservation please do so at tmtphuket@gmail.com

Thank you
Zak Kinion
Another quick question before I call and make res:  Does the night person able to check in for the "tropical garden bungalo" you listed on your site, or do those belong to another resort?  Must I be in "standard gym bungalo" to get night checkin? 
Will E.
Zak, it's no problem to get a night check in at Tropical Garden. Just make sure your reservation is confirmed through the bookings department at tmtphuket@gmail.com. They will arrange someone to be there to check you in.


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