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TMT Staff
Sawasdee TMT Guests,

Starting Mid-August

Tiger Muay Thai and MMA will be adding a "Boot Camp" style fitness class from 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m. Monday - Saturday. The fitness class will be run in the beginners ring by professional fitness trainer and workouts (video coming soon) and will change daily but will be one-hour of intense cardio training excellent for weight loss and include a variety of exercises that will work out the entire body.

Chok Dee






Il be there in September =)
has anyone done this class yet? whats everyone's opinions? whats it like? a body pump class at a gym?
More work........haha, sounds good, will be there in 2 weeks!

Anyone know the exact day this class starts I'm keen as.....


I am also very keen to hear about the bootcamp program, has it started? whats the feedback. I'll be there next month and look forward to this bootcamp


First class is mon the 17th..Monday is a fitness test. Students score is based on repetitions of exercises completed in a predetermined time. The same test is given every mon so students can evaluate progress. All you need is a notebook and pen,water,small towel. People of all levels can attend because exercises have different versions of difficulty.

myk baxter
nice one randy, awesome class this morning. perfect for me to loose weight, tone up and get stronger. unique drills, techniques and as im a beginner i loved the fact i could work at my own pace. certainly be recommending your class to the slackers who cant get out of bed:-)
Antony Stevens
I just finished the first boot camp session with randy - really impressed, this is a session I'll be taking home with me!

Everyday for 3 weeks now for me. Such a good workout :-)

Thanks randy see you tomorrow. :-)

We all know why Randy will be running a Fitness program and training 2 X per day in Muay Thai.

Odds on that Randy will be stepping into the Muay thai ring within 6 weeks to defend his title. The fighter's heart resides inside.

Great having you back and having the chance to continue ruining your life....lol.



Awesome class. Petra and I had a really good (but grueling) time. I liked the stretches at the end of the session. The fitness test was like a workout in itself so I can't wait to see what you plan to torture us with tomorrow. Maybe you can ask Ajarn Dang if you can borrow his bamboo people-beating stick lol.


Great to hear such positive reviews... looking forward to the class x

Amazing class, enjoyed it more than all the other training Ive done here. Its good to do something different every day and everything is geared towards getting stronger and fitter specifically for martial arts.

sounds good, hey elliott how much longer you in thailand for mate ?

Hey Mick,

I get to TMT on 19th Sept and Fly out on 03rd Oct.
Will you be there?
myk baxter

its been just over a month since i started this class and i have to say, unbelievable. i have lost 1/2 stone and i know its come from this class, but i have also developed muscle definition that i never knew i could get. keep up the good work randy


Hi, any chance of uploading a video of the boot camp fitness class?

TMT staff
Sawasdee Bill,

Yes we have the bodyfit class scheduled to be filmed next week. Check our homepage in a week and a half it should be up by then.

Thanks, TMT staff

This is such a good class!!!

It is  hard you get thru it but as the days go on you'll  see how your improving and can do more.

You learn loads of stuff you can bring back home. There is alot of variety so if something really sucks there's something different coming up. (which i like it's fast moving )

There's a lot of talk about how hard this class is but if i can show up any one can. just keep going do as much as you can, no one is will be looking at you (they are too busy)


Best class at Tiger. Randy is an inspiration!
Just had 3 weeks at TMT and attended this class every day, the training Randy provides is awesome and has moved my fitness up to the next level.

I let Randy know that i have a fight coming up and he took time to explain and demonstrate exercise techniques that will improve my endurance, reaction times and strength, after just 3 short weeks of attending this class i can see a real change already.

I consider myself to be in pretty decent shape, competing in kickboxing competitions for the last 10 years but this class really has made a difference to my fitness levels, i will be applying what Randy taught me when i return to my club this week.

Do not miss this class !!!
Joey TMT
Greetings Bodyfit Enthusiasts!

    We currently have Celebrity Fitness Instructor Ocean Bloom that conducts the 8:00AM Bodyfit and 6:30AM Yoga!

   We also have Luke Richmond who is our Crossfit  instructor and he runs our 3PM crossfit class from Mondays to Fridays!


so does the yoga start at 6.30 now as it did tart at 7 so i could only do half of it before starting the running class

thanks leo

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