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Joey TMT
So you want to be a sponsored fighter living the dream in Phuket? Stay tuned because Tiger is offering five fighters the opportunity of a lifetime. Details within a day or two!

All we can say right now is that it will be a TUF-style tryout set for the end of November. We won't be paying for flights because we expect quite a few applicants. This is for MMA fighters and not Muay Thai fighters. Stay tuned for the video releasing all details!
Joey TMT

Check it out guys!
Is there any chance of this happening again in the future? i need to develop a bit further before i could apply for something like this but in a years time i would definately be interested.
will you guys be doing this again in the future?
I've recently switched from judo to MMA, I'm not yet in a position whre i'm happy enough with my skill level to try out,having had only one fight.but i am 100% dedicated to this and am confident that in a years time i would be a realistic contender to take ne of the scholarships,any chance you'll be doing this again next year?
Joey TMT
Hello Jonny,

   Yes, we will probably do this again in the future. Do keep in touch with us.

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