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TMT Staff
Sawasdee Tiger Muay Thai Guests,

Tiger Grill will be introducing a Monthly Meal Plan on August 1, 2008.
The meal plan will include 2 meals per day @ 7 days per week.

Each day guests will be able to choose from  Thai  dishes and healthy western dishes, White or Brown rice, steamed vegetables, and fruit + bottle water.
Monthly meal plan available @7000 baht (Save average of 35% on food budget)

Weekly meal plan available @ 1800 baht week.

Chok Dee TMT

Mark Mclean

Awesome go tiger hey Will whens the Tiger bar coming

jordan willis

Well for somebody who is commencing training on 01/10/08 it will make it easy to budget for the trip.... so great idea

Sweet! i'll definately be doing this when i get there on the 13th Oct
See you all then
Would you post the new meal plan and hopefully the menu for the cafe on your website?  Thanks.

The Tiger Grill Menu and the Weekly / Monthly Meal Plan are posted on the website. Please see the Navbar (Lefthand side)  and under drop down menu on restaurant.

Links to those pages are also listed on the above post.

Chok Dee



what would you advse for breakfast, i take it you cant do a 4hr session on an empty stomach but then u have to eat 2hrs before doing any execise??


I usually just went with a shake before morning sess cause it digests quickly and you won't feel full while training.

TMT Staff
Thanks Kris.

That was going to be my answer, or a fruit plate and water.
Peter, our nutritionist, is a big proponent of eating before working out to increase metabolic rate in your system.

Chok Dee


Hi Do you have any bigger meal plans as well? More meals a day like breakfast?

Best Regards Lars
The links ain't working anymore

TMT Staff
Tiger Grill Info and Menu
Thanks, it's working now
Quick Q as I arrive quite soon ...

I was checking out the menus and they look solid. Do you get a choice of any of the meals with rice or do you only get a choice between 3 set meals over the duration of a month? If so do these meals rotate daily?

Thanks TMT!!
TMT staff
Sawasdee Stevey,

The meal plan rotates daily for a variety of dishes.
Rice is always available with every meal.

Chok Dee


Hey all, quick question...  Are there many vegetarian options on the meal plan? Would a vegetarian have a hard time finding things to eat at camp?
Thanks in advance.

TMT staff
Yes you can substitute the meat for tofu. Also you there is a wide range of brown rice, different beans, salads etc.

Thanks, TMT staff

Justin Innanen
Hi, I work at the grill, we have a number of vegetarian guests and we have no problems accomodating special requests...
Johnny Jen
I really like the idea of having a meal plan, as it would be nice to stay on camp and not have to go down the street to eat.

At $3US a meal for the monthly plan, I think it is a fair price for a quality meal and convince. 

I have two questions though:  

1. Can use we it for breakfast? I think that would be the main meal I would use everyday as it is convenient to wake up on camp and eat there.

2. Instead of wasting thousands of plastic bottles every month, why not save the environment and some money by giving everyone a large glass of water instead? 

Hey Johnny

Hope you are well. The meal plan you get two square meals a day and you can use them whenever you please. Thank you for your suggestion about the plastic bottles good idea. will take it in to consideration.


TMT staff


I am sure the food is delicious but I am wondering if any guests fancy themselves food bloggers and have taken pictures and given reviews of the various dishes.  I know, a bit odd.

Are the Tiger Grill opening hours still the same ? I'm asking because I'll be taking the BJJ gi/nogi classes and they finish at 2030 if I'm not mistaken. That would leave me little time to go to my room, shower and then rush to grab some food.

Any input ?

Thanks !
Hi Valerie

Hope you are well. Yes the Tiger Grill hours are still the same. Opens at 7 am till 21.00pm last order is usually taken at 20.45. Hope this info helps. Any more questions please do not hesitate to ask.

TMT Staff

hi just reading this.
on the website under the tiger grill section it gives you your choices for meals am i right in thinking you also get water,soup and fruit providedwith your main meal choice twice a day?
tmt staff
Yes that is correct.

TMT staff

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