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TMT Staff
Sawasdee All TMT Guests,

Guests should be warned, Thailand is like any other country and has theft. While Chalong is a nice area, guests still need to be careful with safety of their rooms and their personal items and take simple and proper precautions.

In last month their have been thefts of personal goods and motorbikes at local resorts near TMT, with guests reporting they left door unlocked at night. Many resorts, including TMT that have had thefts have night security guard and some resorts have added security cameras.

1. Always lock your door to your room when you leave and sleep at night. There have been thefts of items because people leave their door unlocked. Most Bungalows and Resorts have security bars on windows, but it doesn't matter if thief walks in through front door. Even if you were staying at the Hilton Hotel, you would lock your door right!!!!

2. When you go out on motorbike to the beach or shopping, do not leave your valuables unattended. Either leave valuables in room (locked) or take with you. Even motorbike seats can be broken into fairly quickly.

3. Taking simple precautions can prevent theft. Leave your porch light on at night. If you see someone suspicious, please report to office of TMT or your resort. If your room has a lock-box, use it.

Chok Dee


Great post. I might also add that you want to park your motorbike/scooter in designated parking areas and not in a random corner somewhere near your room. Your bike could get stolen fairly easily.

Yea Alex was staying at the Boxer Bar down the road, when someone walked right in his room and took 5k baht.  At least it's nothing like the reports of Koh Samui (sp?), where people will literally break doors down to get to your stuff.

Biggest thing though seems ya, to just keep your door locked.  Someone would have to be stupid to wake the whole camp up breaking in.  I mean, it's a Muay Thai camp ffs.


Yes lock your door my friend got robbed while he was sleeping in his bungalow because he left his door unlocked scary crap to wake up to trust me. These are tough times in the world for everyone and people need money to live. No jobs means people have to find a way to get money and foreigners are the perfect target. It would be nice if all the rooms had safes for your valuables, but they dont. Will was very helpful of the situation and offered to feed my friend for free or whatever he needed to help him make his trip comfortable. Thx Will

TMT Staff

TMT is installing lock-boxes in all rooms, but people still need to lock their doors at night wherever they stay. There are several nice resorts down the road that do not have lock-boxes. It doesn't matter what style of room or where you are staying. Lock your door at night.
The police keep saying that it is all the Burmese workmen that are building on the road as they have arrested several in other robbery attempts on Chaofa Rd.
Chok Dee



Are there lock boxes in the fighter budget rooms? I will have a laptop with me and am a bit worried about leaving it in my room.

TMT Staff
Lockboxes are being installed in all of the Budget Room, but the best advise is still keep your door locked. The windows are protected and the rooms are safe, locks work well, and there is security staff at night.
The best prevention is the most simple: Keep door locked.
The lockboxes are being made and installed over next month and will be big enough for computer, camera, video, etc.

My friend and I are planning to stay in the tropical family bungalow at the Baan Suwaan resort and we're both very concerned about security.  Do these rooms have lock boxes?
TMT Staff
Sawasdee Dan,

Yes, Baan Suwaan has lockboxes available in their rooms for your small valuables and key-card locks on doors. Safe resort.

Chok Dee



Stands to reason guys ,you wouldnt go out at home and leave your house unlocked or park your car without securin it, why do people expect things to be different on holiday ?? Thailand is a great country with lovelly people but has its share of rogues the same as everywhere else . As people trainin Thai boxin we should always remember the golden rule keep your guard up at all times

Patrik K
Almost packed and ready to go but i got a question concerning this subject
I was wondering if the lockboxes in Baan Suans bungalows are big enough to fit a standard laptop, and if so what kind of lockbox is it? I have been to resorts where they call a big simple wood box for a lockbox and i hope thats not the case at Baan Suan.

Im just extra concerned because i would like to bring a laptop during my stay but sense i will be borrowing it from a dear friend i dont want to take any risks because its not mine!

Looking forward to training with you all in june, cya soon!

Hey Patrick

Hi hope you are well. I can tell you first hand that the safety boxes are very safe and secure. And you will be bale to put your lap top in there wont be an issue. We look forward to seeing you at Tiger.

Thanks TMT staff

Do we need to bring a pad lock for the lock boxes or do they already have them on?
Will E.
Hi John,

It would be a good idea to bring your own. 

Jon S

Just wondering if you know whether the ICOM bungalows have safes?

tmt staff
No they don't have safes in the room.

Sorry I forgot to ask about Momma's bungalows in last post - do they have lockboxes ?
tmt staff
No they don't. You should book at Floraville, Ban Suan, Cocoville or Happy Cottage if you need a lock box.

Hey TMT,

In regards to locking doors and lock boxes...
what do people usually do with the keys to their rooms whilst training?
Joey TMT
Greetings Timmo,

   It is your responsibility to have your keys for safekeeping. You  do have the option of leaving your keys in the office during our work hours.

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