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TMT staff
Hi John,

Here's a link to our training packages page, this should explain more about the vip and deluxe packages, http://www.tigermuaythai.com/prices.html

Yes you will get a 3000 baht discount when you pay up front.
Please email any more questions you may have to info@tigermuaythai.com

Best regards, TMT staff

I am very interested in coming to your training camp for 10 days. I would like to have the VIP program. This would give me two group and two private lessons per day. Do you think that ten days would be sufficient time to learn basic self defense and lose some weight. I am a 45 year old male in good health but a few pounds overweight and without daily exercise.
I am planning on coming in late october/early november and I have a few questions.

I would be signing up for the premium package, but there are only advanced classes in the evening (I will only have 6 months MMA training by then so will not be eligible) Does that mean I only get 1 group lesson per day?

What is the weather like that time of year?

I will be purchassing the meal plan, but I need to eat a lot more than two meals a day, how much baht should I set asside for a month? should another 6000 do the trick? And is this meal plan food for 5, 6, or 7 days a week?

Other than the training, room and board, and food, what other expenses should I plan for while I am there?



Hi TMT staff,
ive already read about your fitness bootcamp on another site but am still awaiting for them to confirm what the itinery consists of.
now that ive found you direct can you confirm what i would be doing each day, starting at what time, and lasting how long, as part of a group and 1-1 program in the fitness bootcamp.
i like thai boxing but my main interest and motivation is improving all round fitness, lose the small amount of fat i have while increasing core and all round strength and stamina.
i also used to weight train fairly regularly and really enjoy that, so wanted mainly this type of 2 week bootcamp holiday to get me fully back on track...and much more please.
please advise what the best option and price is.
also, i arrive in bangkok this sat 21st and would be in phuket potentially sun if we can find the right program for me, and then start program from mon afternoon.
thanks very much for your help and advise, i really appreciate it.
Hi Lee

 Hope you are well.

Ok well first of all you will love our training package and I know you will reach your goals that you have set out to do. The first Muay Thai class starts at 8am this will take you through till 10.30am so 2 half hours. Then the afternoon class starts at 4pm until 6.30pm. In that time you will do warm up, technique,striking combination's, sparring, and pad work, depending on the days you don't always do sparring. 1-1 Private sessions cons its of an hour that goes for body fit and Muay Thhai. The regular body fit class starts at 8am same time as the muay Thai. So you will have to choose witch one you fancy doing at the time. But as you said you want to shed the last few pounds the body fit will be really good, to be honest there both really good for weight loss so it really is what you pref fer. We also have a professional body builder on camp under the name of the Thai Hulk, I am sure you have seen his pics, He also does privates so that would be good for you,

OK so the best option for you would to pay for two weeks training at the office when you arrive, Then buy a pack of privates 10 for 5,500 baht.
I hope this answers your question we look forward to seeing you here at Tiger Muay Thai

 Thanks TMT staff


are privates in western boxing the same price as muay thai?

Will E.
Yes they are the same price.

We have four former champion boxers, Sonpichai, Chok Chai "3K Battery", Songkram and Komrit. Then there is also knock out artist Nazee.

Chok Chai fought Manny Pacquio. Check it out, 


Do you still have BJJ classes with GI? If you do, how often and during what time?

Just wondering if there is any point of me bringing a GI

Will E.
Hi Jonathan,

Yes we are still offering gi optional classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings from 7:00-8:30 pm.


Hi, I saw on the TMT price page the deluxe muay thai training, can you not do classes in everything and one private a day in other disciplines such as Boxing and BJJ?

Will E.
Hi Joe,

You can use your privates for boxing if you like, that is the same price as Muay Thai. If you would like to do bjj, you can upgrade your private tickets for an additional 200 baht each. 

If you have anymore questions please email tmtphuket@gmail.com


Hi guys,

I sent you an e-mail some time ago, wanting to book one week of training for me and my girlfriend now in november, and also reservations at coconut village.

I got an answer from Kayle, regarding my questions but I havent got a final confirmation on my reservations.

Now I´m starting to get a bit nervous since It´s only about 6 week left until we are leaving. (27ct).
Will E.
Hi John,

We were having some issues with our email server. We recently changed our main contact email to tmtphuket@gmail.com, try sending an email there. You can email me as well at will-gm@tigermuaythai.com I will make sure you are sorted out.

See you in October



I am considering coming fro three months and really committing to the training by booking 10 personal sessions.  Would I be correct in thinking that I would then have the avilability of 4 group classes a day, and the yoga class. As for the 1:1 sessions, would I be able to select the discepline?  As i see there is muay thai, MMA, and Krabi Krabong.  Then additionally there is the strength and conditioning classes.  Are they extra? included in the 24,000? or part of the 10 1:1 sessions?
Look forward to hearing from you.
Will E.
There are many group classes a day at varying times. Please look at our homepage tigermuaythai.com for a complete list. Bodyfit and Krabit Krabong classes are included in the  price of training.

You are correct the yoga starts earliest so you could hit a yoga session then off to bodyfit, Muay Thai or mma.

Yes you can select an extra discipline for your private lesson. You will have to upgrade your private tickets if you select to do an mma or private (200 baht extra).



Do you get to choose your instructor ? for privates  or is it all just random, who you get ?

Tmt staff
Choosing your instructor is fine. Try a couple out and see who you work well with. If you don't know who to use we can point you in the right direction.


TMT staff

Hi everyone,


On count down now.... less than 4 weeks to go and starting to get really excited and just a little nervous!  Currently train BJJ once a week and Muay Thai once a week also.  My partner and I are coming for two weeks and definitely want to get the most out of our training at TMT but I'm unsure whether we are realistic in being able to do 1x group Muay Thai every morning and 1x BJJ every evening for two weeks??  Might also want to do occasional 1:1 sessions?


We will be arriving on Friday 16th March and wondered if there was someone we could get together with before we start training to help us plan a bit of a schedule based on our fitness levels and abilities?  Not sure if this is standard practice or how it works so forgive me if I've missed this information on the website or elsewhere on the forum.


Many thanks and look forward to your response


dear kirsty

i have not been to tmt yet but it seems thai in the morning and bjj in the evening is fine

you give your self a few days to get used to the heat before starting 2 sessions a day

as for privates aswell bjj isnt untill the evening so it seems you have time in the afternoon for a private , if you just to technique this shouldnt be to taxing on the body

 fitness before , tmt recomend being able to run 5km

i would say get used to some hill running aswell most tredmills have this setting

alot of self body weight stuff press ups dips abb work etc

hope that helps

Kozak Csaba
time needed to learn self defense and muay thai
Kozak Csaba
time needed to learn self defense and muay thai
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