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TMT Staff
Private Lessons (One-on-One Training)

Private Sessions are 1 Hour 15 Minutes and includes stretching, warm-up, hand wrap, and training plan + water

Individual Private Muay Thai Lessons

1 @ 600 Baht
10 Pack @ 5500 Baht

Muay Thai Training Packages

Deluxe Training: 2 group +1 Private Session each day
5500 Baht Per week / 20,000 Baht Per month
VIP Training: 2 Group +2 Private Sessions each day
9,000 Baht week / 34,000 Baht Month

All Private lessons and training packages must be paid in advance, If you pay by the week you will be charged by the week. Deluxe and VIP Training Packages Customers must book training sessions one week in advance with office.


I  may have to do the Deluxe package for at least 1 month.  I'm very happy to see it includes 2 group classes now as well.

It is very expensive for me right now, or I'd do it all 3 months I'm there

emmm.. about the V.I.P muay thai training packages... how can i do the two group and two 1-on-1 in a day? how long is the group training and how long is the 1-on-1. pls tell me.
TMT Staff
That is a lot of training if you are up for it.
Most guests do 2 privates and an additional training session + weights.
You can over train.
Also popular is privates in Muay Thai and group sessions in MMA.
You schedule private lessons with office with trainer of your choice and can join in group sessions whenever you like.

Chok Dee



I love the look of these training packages. I'll be looking to come over and train next year during the low season hopefully. Just a few questions.

With the deluxe and VIP packages. Does that price also include access to the running program in the mornings aswell as the muay thai technique classes?



TMT Staff
Sawasdee Corey,

Yes, The Deluxe and VIP training packages come with all the regular training and programs. You can participate in group sessions in Muay thai and MMa, Boxing, Running, weight-lifting, Yoga, nutrition, etc.

Please contact info@tigermuaythai.com for more info

Chok Dee



Are trainers available for 1:1s at the same time as the MT Technique classes?

Sawasdee Jason,

Sorry, No.
The trainers are available for privates before and after group training sessions. But you are also welcome to join in group training as part of the Deluxe or VIP training packages.

Chok Dee Krup


Just want to get a few things clear in my head

1. I am a complete beginner at MMA and MT what would you suggest i train in first both ? or one ?

2. My goal is to become fitter, have fun and learn some basic self defense from this program can this be achieve with this package ?
3. What does 2 group mean ?


TMT staff
Hi Kevin,

I would suggest trying both. You can learn basic Muay Thai striking and add some submissions to your game. Of course you be pushed hard in the Muay Thai and the mma so you will definitely increase your fitness.
 Two group is reffering to the morning and the afternoon sessions, and there will be other people in the class.

Thanks, TMT staff

Pétur Stanislav Karlsson
Hi im from iceland and im going to work for like 1 - 1 and half year and i was wondering if like is it possible to take longer vip session its so expensive to like get 1 month go back and buy another month, i want to buy like 3 months VIP instead of going home and buy tickets again, and again... please answer (:
Pétur Stanislav Karlsson
Hi I'm from iceland and im going to work for like 1 - 1 and half year and i was wondering if like is it possible to take longer vip session its so expensive to like get 1 month go back and buy another month, i want to buy like 3 months VIP instead of going home and buy tickets again, and again... please answer (:
Hi, i'm looking to train MT and MMA at beginner level, i have done very little striking, but i have a little background in submission wrestling, i have to say that my cardio isn't the best.

I am very interested in doing a private session each day and do some MT and MMA, is this possible for a beginner and is it possible for your schedule?

I am looking to be in thailand for a month, i may want to look around the country a little, is it possible to pay each week as it comes so i have the freedom to take a trip when i feel like? I wonder the same about your accommodations. I will be traveling from mid march.

My goal is to improve my martial art skills.
TMT staff
Hi Tobias,

You can sign up for the deluxe training package. Then you can attend either group session and have one private lesson per day. This would allow you to mix your schedule up and work your striking and mma.

I think your best bet would be to book accommodation for and training for one week at a time. Then you can have the freedom to travel around with out being locked in to a room reservation. If you have any more questions please feel free to write info@tigermuaythai.com

Thanks TMT staff


hi if i was to  purchase the deluxe training package  would i be able to have a private lesson each day in mma or more specifically jiujitsu.

TMT staff
Hi Jonny,

The mma privates are slightly more expensive than the Muay Thai privates. You can upgrade by paying 200 baht more per private ticket and do mma. If you have any more questions please feel free to email info@tigermuaythai.com

Thanks, TMT staff


I am planning on visiting TMT for a week at the end of April 2010, do you recommend I purchase the training package  at the main office upon my arrival or should that be done ahead of time to ensure availability?  I want to train for the entire week and get several 1-1 sessions in.


Hi Igal

With regards to your question you can pay for your training on arrival to TMT. And you can pay for a package of 10 private sessions that will see you through the week of training that you are planning on doing. This will work out cheaper than paying for single private sessions. Any more questions please don't hesitate to ask thanks.

TMT Staff  
Thanks for the quick reply, but I have a few more questions:

If I purchase the 10X privates will that also entitle me to participate in the Muay Thai Technique and Group sessions? Reason I ask is because I noticed that the privates only run 1.5 hrs while the group sessions run about double that.

Secondly, I'd like to get some training in Muay Boran, is that offered in the private sessions?

Lastly, I'd also like to have access to the bags and sparring, will purchasing the 10X privates cover this?

Sorry for all the questions but this will be my first trip into Thailand for training and I want to make the most of it for the week I will be there.
Adrian Shead

Hi Igal! no need to say sorry for all the questions. I'm more than happy to answer them for you.

When you purchase 10 private sessions that does not include the Muay Thai Technique or Group sessions. A weeks training will cost 2,500 BAHT this will include your Muay Thai, Body fit, Yoga, Access to the bags. And access to the weights room.

The private sessions last for an hour the group sessions last a total of 2hr30 Min's.

Yes we can accommodate you for Muay Boran training that is not a problem. We have Two trainers that specialize in Muay Boran Kru Nazee ans Kru O.




I have booked my flight!!
I will be arriving at Phuket International airport on Wednesday April 14th (day of my 30th birthday, YAY!!) and staying until Sunday April 25th.
I shot an email to "info@tigermuaythai.com" asking for assistance/guidance on how I can go about booking what I need as well as a few questions I had but haven't heard back yet, it's been about 2 days now and I don't want to wait to long before actually booking my training and room.  Here's what I send via e-mail:
1) How can I arrange a Gym taxi pick up @ the airport.
2) Room reservation @ the "Standard Gym Bungalow" located at TMT. I would just like to confirm that it has a private bathroom.
3) Scheduling 10 Private sessions (2 sessions per day). Half Muay Boran sessions with Kru Oh and half Muay Thai sessions with Kru Nazee starting on April 15th.
I would LOVE to train up until my departure on the 25th, but cannot afford the extra costs of the personals at 600 baht a piece. Is there a discount offered if I purchase 8 more private sessions for a total of 18 sessions instead of 10? I saw that there's a discount for paying via paypal.
4) Signing up for your "Tiger Meal Plan".
I think I'm just being a little impatient but I'm too excited to wait....I wanna book everything now!!
See you soon,
TMT staff
Hi Igal,

The crew at info@tigermuaythai.com  usually answers emails within 24 hours, sorry.
Please try re-sending it, they should answer all of your questions and help you with the booking process.


TMT staff

Hi i'm arriving on april the 12th and staying untill the 21st  if i want to train with the deluxe package will i need to book it in advance ? or can i book on arrival as i'm only managing to stay for 9 days. Cheers.
TMT staff
It's no problem to pay on arrival by cash, Visa or Mastercard.
If you have any more questions please email info@tigermuaythai.com

Best regards, TMT staff


to stay for 3 months with training at the camp has a price but the vip only has a price for one month do you have a discount price for vip and deluxe training?

am i geting it right that vip and deluxe is the same as normal stay at the camp but with 1 on1 training also.
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