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Kozak Csaba
Here's the deal. I'm 24 I'm (78 kg)my height (1,74 cm). I'm REALLY out of shape, cus I havn't done any sports for the last 6 years.
I want to go to Thailand for the main purpose of self defens and fighting, and I want to be great at it as well. If I go, I would be willing to work my ass of to achieve this goal of competing again. I just need a trainer who can push me that extra inch.
I was thinking about booking a 6 months REGULAR TRAINING and 1 month vip
Keep in mind that I don't have any training in MMA, Muay thai or boxing experience I come from Romania haw ken ai get Visa ? Ai have 7500 € 4 the trip
Joey TMT
Greetings Kozak,

   Don't worry too much about coming here unfit, the purpose of you going here is to get fit and we will help you in every way we can to achieve your goals. Once you get to TMT, look for me. Joey and I will gladly give you a run down of what our camp has to offer. You will surely achieve a lot in 6 months. Looking forward to have you.

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