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mma fitness

Has anyone been to tiger muay thai (phuket)?

Whats it like to learn mma? Is there a chance to compete mma out there?


wang chung
Sup, I was out there for seven weeks with only a 3 months mma experience prior.
I trained  2 sessions a day then had my first mma fight it was pretty badass. There's opportunites to fight at the bbq parties and they also put fights on at stadiums sometimes. It seems like Ray and the other serious mma guys travel around a lot competing in south east Asia. Tiger guys have been fighting on ESPN Asia every month. So yes there are opportunities.

The class was pretty good, Ray has slick ground. I was pulling off a lot more subs after attending his class. He is good at explaining techniques. There's usually some high level fighters kicking around and helping out with class.


Hi there,

I'm coming out to join you next week to get fit! I've had a look at the training program and wondering if I could pick and choose what I do each day of the week?

For instance, I'm only looking for cardio fitness so during sparring sessions can I do weights? And some days could I miss completely the morning or afternoon session and just do one session on that day?

Will E.
Hi Simon,

You can take your pick of any of the classes that we offer. It's fine to mix some weightlifting in.

It's up to you how many sessions you would like to do in a day.



I am looking at coming down this december for training and would like to know if you will be full or will you have sufficient trainers for the fighters. Also how much personal attention does each person get, i know you get what you deserve but i just want to make sure its not too full.

TMT staff

There will be room. We have 8 rings. We try to keep a 3.1 ratio of students to teachers. 

Generally you will do technique with another student then be critiqued by a trainer.
You will receive 1 on 1 pad work every session. Trainers will be present when you clinch and spar. They will correct you and offer advice as necessary.


TMT staff 
Hello I am of Argentina, we to know if they deliver algun type of certificate when one coaches in the academy Tiger? greetings
TMT staff
Sawasdee Joel,

Yes we can give you a certificate saying you trained Muay Thai in our program.

When are you coming out?

TMT staff

I have been trying to send emails, but haven't had a reply, can you please send me an email address to contact, I want to come and train at TMT in December.

Will E.
Hi Andy,

What is your email address?


can we do muay thai in the morning and jiu jitsu in the evening for example?

Will E.
Yes that would be fine.

You can mix and match any of the classes and create your own training schedule.


TMT Staff,

MMA is M-F with open mat on Saturday.  What's the schedule for Muay Thai? I know its 2X/day, but is is M-F or M-Sat?

Thanks for the help!

Will E.
Hi Sim,

The Muay Thai program runs Mon-Saturday 2 x classes daily.

hello im from the U.K
 your programmes have got me very interested...i currently have no exprience in muay thai or mma, n i was just woundering, how much time wounld i need to be at a suffient level..physically and more importantly technique wise.

p.s what could i achieve in 6 months?
tmt staff
Hello from Thailand,

It really depends how much time you would need to reach a sufficient level. Different people learn at different rates. If you were here for 6 months it's reasonable to believe you could reach that. Your fitness and cardio should be through the roof at that point. You should be able to learn decent technique and get in the best shape of your life in 6 months. 

Are you planning on fighting out here?

I am interested in enrolling in your gym for a month. I have never been to Thailand and was wondering if you can recommend any available lodging. I am looking for something within walking distance to your camp with a/c, wireless internet, room for one, not shared for around 12000-15000 baht for the dates of  April 25th to May 23. If there is nothing available for those specific dates, I can be flexible as I will be in Thailand for about two months so if there are other dates available please let me know. I appreciate your help and am looking forward to hearing back so I can book my reservation.

Cheers! V
Will E.
Within your price range we have Family Bungalow, Nature House, Jit Bungalow, Icom and Jaja's. Have a look at the accommodations section of our website.

When you are ready to book please email tmtphuket@gmail.com
Make sure to book ahead of time so you can get the room you desire.


hi there i am coming out next year for a month of western boxing, what program would you recommend as you technique classes seem to be all muay thai based?
i will go for the run in the morning and use the weight gym etc i also planning on having private lessons but was wondering if there is any group classes or other classes more tailored to western boxing
Kaylee (TMT Staff)
Hi Micah,

We have a western boxing program that runs Mon-Wed-Fri all year if that is your main focus. You can also participate in the Muay Thai classes and let the trainers know you only want to box. The Muay Thai programs include western boxing sparring throughout the week as we offer a very well rounded program for beginners to professional fighters.

Here is more information on the boxing program:

If you have any other questions please let me know, or you can email TMTPhuket@gmail.com with your inquiries.

TMT Staff

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