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Tiger Muay Thai

7:30 a.m -8:00 a.m. Running Program annd Warm-up

Running Program

Muay Thai fighters run. Plain and simple. Running builds stamina, endurance and cardio conditioning to prepare for a 5-round Muay Thai Fight. Tiger Muay Thai trainers are @ the camp waiting for the guests every morning and afternoon. (Running Program is not mandatory, but suggested)

Trainers will take guests on a variety of runs from 3 to 7 km near the camp. From flat roads to hills and up and down mountains past Buddhist temples and waterfalls. Run at your own pace, but the trainers will keep an eye on you.

Warm-up includes skipping rope, tire bounce, shadow boxing, and stretching, and getting hands wrapped before beginning the morning training session. Proper warm-up is the best way to prevent injury and an important part of the process of training Muay Thai.

8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.

Muay Thai Technique Class

There is no better way to learn effective Muay Thai techniques than getting in the ring with the Muay Thai trainers and learning a variety of techniques. This is not a workout. This is slow and deliberate training of proper technique for beginners to advanced students. After practicing and learning the Muay Thai techniques, you will use those techniques in the ring on pads with trainers, sparring with guests and trainers, ad on the training stations and bags.

* Water Break

9:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.mMuay Thai Training in the ring, on the pads, and on the bags with trainers.

The heart of the training session begins at 8:30 a.m. and is part of a weekly focus schedule that concentrates on all the important aspects of learning correct Muay Thai. Sparring (Boxing) is on Monday-Wednesday-Friday Mornings. Guests will spar with trainers and other guests @ 75% power and 75% speed. This is not about showing off or hurting your sparring partner, but understanding the rythem and footwork, head movement, bob-n-weave and other techniques that make for good boxing which is an important part of your overall Muay Thai training.

Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday is C.O.R.E conditioning that concentrates on building good abdominal strength and conditioning. The trainers will use a variety of old-school Muay thai and modern techniques lie medicine ball training, sit-up, crunches, etc to help guests build the six-pack ab muscles that are the trademark of a good Muay Thai fighter.

Depending on which training program you are in, you will be expected to train 3-5 rounds on the Muay Thai pads alone with the trainer. He will make adjustments to your technique if needed, but the focus of the pad work is to keep you moving and prepared for offense and defense.

* Water Break

You will also train together on the bags doing a variety of old-school and modern techniques for training hands, knees, elbows and kicks on the pads. The trainers are active throughout the entire session and will often change the amount of time you train from 3-minute rounds and 1-minute break to 5-minute rounds. If you are preparing for a fight, being able to compete Five-5-minute rounds will better prepare you for a 5-three-minute round fight in the ring.

Be prepared. The trainers are constantly changing aspects of the training to better prepare you and teach you traditional Muay Thai. Expect to train in the Muay Thai Clinch circle and other old-school techniques which have been the staple of training for Muay Thai fighters for centuries. One thing you can ber certain of is that after 3+ hours of training, you will know you have been training hard.

10:30 -11:00 a.mCool Down and stretching

Loosen tightened muscles and help prevent cramps and then head over for a electrolyte drink and protein shake at he Tiger Grill.

Private Lessons

For those of our guests that want even more one-on-one training with their favorite trainer, we offer private lessons available with all of our uay thai and MMA trainers @ the camp. One-on-one lessons are the best way to dramatically improve your skill level, and a great way to show appreciation to the trainer of your choice.

3:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. Running program

The Afternoon training session is similar to the morning session starting with the running program and technique class. The schedule for the technique class and what is being taught by the trainers is posted on the gym bulletin board near intermediate ring and Tiger Grill.

Skipping rope, shadow boxing, tire bounce, calisthenics and wrapping hands.

Monday-Wednesday-Friday Afternoon (Muay Thai Sparring)
Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday Afternoon (C.O.R.E. Conditioning)

* Water Break

4:00 -5:00 p.m.

Technique Training (Same as morning session(

5:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.
Muay Thai training one-on-one with trainers in the ring, o the pads, on the bags and training stations. Clinch circle training (very difficult) and a variety of old-school and modern training techniques.

6:30 - 7:00 p.m  Cool Down

7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Private Lessons

This is a typical days training in Muay Thai @ our trainig camp.
We train 2 X per day @ 3.5 hours per session.
That is 7 Hours of hardcore training per day + you can add Yoga, weight-lifting program a well

For those guests that like to lift free-weights and ride bikes, we have a complete free-weight area with nautilus machines, lympic benches, 3-sets of dumbells, kettlebells, bikes, and more for your use.

hi, im just curious if its possible to do the running AND the technique class in the morning as they seem to go on at the same time on the program.....?

Sawasdee Dylan,

Yes, some guests go for a run at 7:00 a.m. so they can participate in Technique class. Afternoon runs can be very hot and humid, so the afternoon running program is smaller and more people in technique class.

Chok Dee


        How much are the private one on one coaching lessons ass i will probally want to do that at least 3 times a week when i come could you send the reply to my email as i cant stay on this page thank you jordan
TMT Staff
Sawasdee Jordan,

Private Lessons are 700 baht each or 10 pack for 6000 baht
You can schedule with office or guest relations.

Chok Dee


Cherz for that ill probally get a 10 pack i plan on coming in january im 17 and thinking for coming for 3 months but not sure if that will be to much as all i wil be doing is training doing evgerything you have a mixture of muay thai mma and running for my age would you recommend 2 months or do you think 3 months would be fine im very physically fit but not sure if i would be able to take 3 months

there jordin i like the trianing you have i from aruba i have 5-0 right now the program of kickboxing for us is low i want to train over again i want to be a good fighter again i want to be the best now i from a lil eiland and far away i want to be in the big boys ring i want to get back in shape and be all i can be how much it going to cost i want to train hard and fight hard and prove to my ex trainer that i can be a camp what can i do to reach you all and talk about it


im saving right now to come down there for 3 months. if someone can contact me with some info, that would be helpful.

Are there any stationary bikes to ride? I am unable to run, due to minor back surgery, and get my conditioning other ways(circuit training, kettlebells, etc). I want to be able to get some extra conditioning besides what I will get in the classes.
TMT Staff
Sawasdee Clayton,
Yes, we have stationary bikes and are adding another entire new separate weight-lifting facility with extra stationary bikes, new weight-lifting equipment, etc.

Our weight lifting facility now has complete free weights, Nautilus, 4-sets kettle bells, Olympic benches, 4 full sets dumb-bells, etc.

New facility should be complete within next two weeks.

Chok Dee


Well i think i have found where i am coming to train!! After many thoughts,emails,videos, discussions in different blogs and forums, i have decided to come to Tiger for a 3 month stay. October to January sounds perfect for me. So stoked to train here. Trained here in Canada for About 1 1/2 yrs, time to jack up the training.
hey i have been wanting to come here for a long time now...few q's

would i have to book long before i intend to go? eg.2 weeks,6 months,year
would i need much thai?or could i get away with my english speaking?
i tend to eat a lot its been a problem in ths past with my vacations that i lose weight and muscle..could i get protein bars or any other healthy snacks to keep me full during the day?
thanks a lot in advance much appreciated
TMT Staff
Sawasdee Eric,

Please try and book at least 1 month in advance.
No, have a look at the Basic Thai language page on the website and that should be enough to get you started for courtesy.
We have healthy food and supplements, however Protein Bars and Protein powder are a little more expensive here in Thailand.
Lots of fruits to keep you full and healthy with vitamins and minerals.

Any questions, you can contact me at info@tigermuaythai.com

Chok Dee


Sawasdee Chok Dee, i was hoping to come over for around 3-6 months sometime in the next year, and was wondering if there was any deals possible for the delux and vip deals for these periods of time? as i was hoping to get daily 1 on 1 along with the regular group sessions for the duration of my stay
TMT Staff
Sawasdee Kial,

Yes, for long-term guests we have discounts available in 3-6 month packages, private sessions, and regular training.
Please contact info@tigermuaythai.com for booking and discount information based on your length of stay at training camp.

Chok Dee



I'm sure this question gets asked a lot.  If I took the VIP package do the 1:1 sessions apply to MMA and the Strength & Conditioning Coach, as well as the Muay Thai Trainers?

If not, what is the price for 1:1 sessions with an MMA Trainer and the Strength & Conditioning Coach?


TMT Staff
Sawasdee jason,

private training sessions with Peter are the same as private lessons with a Muay Thai trainer and are inter-changable. Only private lessons with BJJ / MMA trainers are separate.

10 pack private lessons: 5500 baht
1 hour 15 minutes of technique and pad training.


if you take the VIP or deluxe package. Do you get an EXTRA two group sessions? Or is it: 2 group sessions
       2 technique class and
       1 or 2 one-on-one training

Thank you

TMT Staff
Sawasdee Sander,

The VIP and Deluxe programs offer all the regular sessions + 1 or 2 private sessions per day.

Sorry, No, not 4 group sessions.

Chok Dee



I'm keen on doing the body building with peter but his classes all seem to be on at the same time as other classes at TMT, when is the body building?

TMT staff
Sawatdee krup Edric,

The gym is open all day. Peter is in the room 7:30-10:30 and 3:30-6:30. Often times he can be found in there at other times too. Peter is available for private lessons as well.


TMT staff

Well, I guess I'm all set! Payed for my training via paypal, and Kaylee confirmed gym taxi pick up on the 14th of April as well as my room @  the Nature House...all that's left to say is, SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!!!!!!
kalon Milne
hi TMT staff 

I'm booked in to train for 3weeks in july and had intended to do the VIP package as i have a fight lined up 2 weeks after i return do u think the VIP package would be my best bet to have me ready for my fight?
coming from the states and wondering what is the minimum suggested time for training.  It seems like a week is barely enough time to get into it and a month is too long for me to be away from my job.  Any thoughts?

Will E.
There is no minimum time requirement. You are correct it takes a little time to get acclimated and settle in. If you cannot get away for a month, how about a shorter stay of 2-3 weeks?


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