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Sorry, you slipped in under my radar.
Welcome to come and train with us in MMA program.
Please contact me or magicalray@aol.com for more info and when you will be arriving.
depending on skill level, as you alreday have MMA fights, we can set up fights for you.

Chok Dee

Will @ TMT
Hector Sanchez

just saw the add,i'm interested on become one great fighter, i'm from san diego, let me know what's to be done for it, thank you.

dwayne r thomas jr
Hi my names Dwayne R Thomas Jr I really want to do MMA I'm 13 and my big brother fight for a sponsor in mutai i believe i spelled it right.but my brother is good they say and i fought at his gym and everyone says i have talent.but they only problem is i dont have the money to pay to get on a team and till then no sponsors are looking at me to sponsor is there any help u can give me.

Hello my name is Mike Stuck I 'm currentley fighting/training in Lock Haven Pa. I'm 31 but in great shape I have a highschool wrestling base and grew up getting into fights.I've been training in MMA for about 10 months now and have 1 sanctioned event under my belt,I suffered my first loss and didn't like it at all, rookie mistake. I'm currently looking for an oprotunity to move somewhere and train I'm a hard worker and do have a family,My wife is awsome and willing to let me move forward with my dream.Please sir if any chance of us working together I'd love the chance.I do have my fight on youtube just type in my name and first mma fight.

TMT staff
Hi Mike,

We would love to have you at to train and compete. If you come here to train, we can arrange amateur smoker fights, or matches at the stadiums.

Thanks, TMT staff

I've been trying to get ahold of you guys for the past few days to get a 90 day camp scheduled for my first pro tilt.  PLEASE contace me back. 

Ric Glidden
TMT staff
Hey Ric, we would be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding arranging your trip and training camp. Please email info@tigermuaythai.com or give our office a call.

Best regards, TMT staff


Yeahhh, baby, I can't wait to train for March and April @ TMT, then I'm coming back and smashing my opponent! I know I'm not going to want to leave, and I'm planning on figuring out a way to come back for good and become an international fighter, because CANADA FLEAKIN SUCKS ASS FOR MMA, I don't belong here, I'm a damn spartan living among pot heads and fat beer drinking losers that talk about cars, corn and hockey all day, and the men here actualy hold thier wives purses for them, like what's with that? Live and die by the sword forever! Pillage the village and then fight bears in the forest!

Justin innanen
Hey hybrid, I don't know where ur from in Canada but there are alot of badass mma camps and leagues, Vancouver has just lifted it's ban on mma events, Calgary has a really good mma comunity an Montreal has the apex fight league which is pretty badass..
Leigh Allwood
I'll be arriving 7/March for a month. Who should I be talking to re I'll be fighting a MMA bout on the 10/ April. Additional training etc thanks
see you there
Eizo Higashi

Hi i am a keen amateur muay thai fighter. I have always dreamed of going professional, i am 5'8, and a welterweight.  I will fight anyone. Any details would be brilliant. thank you

please could you email all the details I.E expenses, etc i am very very interested.
Hi, i'm caleb from the uk and i am really interested in mma and muy thai. i'm 14 and in four years time i will go to your camp and train to be a pro! i'm gonna start muy thai and train my body like hell till i get there.
the future UFC champ,
Caleb Hughes
jason cleveland
I wish to comre to Tiger Muay Thai and fight profesionally for your squad. I'm very motivated and have no ties in my current country to hold me back from my goals. I will be arriving Oct 1,2010 at which time you will be able to evaluate me and decide if i'm what your looking for and worthy of being on your team. I will be arriving in fight shape with no excuses for failure. I'm looking for a life change and I see this as my opportunity. Ray Elbe may know a few guys here in Phoenix Az where I now reside so you may find a little bit about me through these people, if not I will show what I'm capable of when I arrive Oct 1, 2010. Look forward to training there soon. Have a great day.

Sawadeekup everyone.
   I have been doing Muay Thai for almost a year now and have become incredibly fascinated by the training style, fighting and ceremony of it. Currently I'm quite inexperienced with one fight in Muay Thai, however i am an experienced boxer (having started it years before) with 5 wins out of my 5 match-ups. I would be in love with the idea of training as a fighter full time and I'm hopefully heading over in 2 months time to give it hell, i am curious as to what it is you would be looking for as a fighter?
I'm currently 5'11 and come in at middleweight (trying to go down to welterweight for an focus on mobility). I hope to hear from you soon.
Kob Kun Krub

P.S i've been trying to learn a bit of Thai hopefully i used it correctly here

TMT staff
Sawasdee krup James,

We are looking for dedicated fighters who want to further their careers and train hard. Normally we would want you to fight in Thailand first, at our bbq parties or the local stadiums. After that you may get a chance to be promoted for international fights abroad.

See you soon

TMT staff
Sounds great, When i head over in January i'd love to talk about this more, any oppertunity to fight sounds excellent. Hopefully i'll be of a good enough calibre to fight for you
Many Thanks


Hi my name is Andronicos and i am currently living in New Zealand originally born in South Africa. Fighting is in my blood my ancestors were Spartans and From the island of lesvoz in greece. I have been training mma for about 7 months now. I also have a kick boxing background and a decent knowledge of bjj. I want to come train at TmT for 3 months around next year june-Aug. I have had a few amatuer bouts. But am very impressed with your facilities and trainers. I am 6 foot 75 kg's. Do you think TmT is the place for me to grow as a fighter and eventually even fight for you. If i do fight for you my apponent will have to kill me to beat me.

Will E.

TMT is a good place to jumpstart your career. You can come over here and live for cheap. Then you can train your stand up and ground game at the same place. You can train alongside our long term camp guests. Many fight for us internationally. These opportunities are there for people that are dedicated and stay with us for a while. So yes it's a good idea to come out here.

When were you thinking of coming?


I am going to come next year in july or august. I finished my degree 6 months ago in business. I am working now and am saving all i can to get there as soon as possible. I have seen so many ufc pride and just general mma fighters do so well with muay thai and bjj. I think you guys have world class facilities and world class trainers. I am 22 years old which is the only thing i am a little worried about. Because When i was reading your trainer statistics most of them started when they were 7-8 years old. How much money would you recommend i bring? I would like to stay for 3 months and come back every year for 3 months.

Will E.

Have a look at the FAQ page. It has some information about how much money you will need.



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