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Hello everybody!,

I wanted to know if it is possible to stay at the gym for over a year or even longer?
I am asking because I have ambitions to fight.

Sorry if I opened the same topic twice.

Once kind regards

Joey TMT
Hello Alexander,

   Yes it is possible to stay for a year over here. Just get the proper visas done. You can get a 3 month tourist visa and will have to leave the country to get another one. We arrange Visa runs as well.


i was thinking of staying for 2 years at gym. Is there any other Visa than the tourist, that would allow me to stay for 2 years without leaving the country?

Kind Regards Alexander
Joey TMT

  If I am not mistaken, you can take a Thai Language Course here which is not more than 30,000 Baht and that allows you to stay for at least a year in Thailand. You can be given a Student Visa because of that.
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