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daniel vincent

hey ray, im planning to come to tiger for a full year and train, and if its possible to get my belt promotions from u, i know its also based on how good a person can advance in it.  and just wondering what belt i would get close too after a year of training. thanks

Ray Elbe
Typical black belt in BJJ takes 10 years.

Usually have to train 2 years in each belt.

White 2 years
Blue 2 years
Purple 2 years
Brown 2

...I've known people to be promoted quicker.  I spent 5 years as a blue belt.

Ngoo just got promoted to BJJ Blue belt and has been training under me for 3 years.

Just worry about improving hwile your here...compete and improve

I got this one Ray.....

Please search the message board before posting repeat questions. This has been covered many times before.
daniel vincent

k perfect man, i just was getting told it could take a year from a bunch of people where i live, just trying to get the right info, thanks man, looking forward to learning from ya,wicked web site too ,helped me out a ton! oh and hutch.....thanks buddy, i shouldve asked for hutch instead of ray.

Hutch, you can't expect a newbie to search a message board when there is over 1800 threads - rather pin this thread. No threads are pinned for BJJ belts.
iv been a white belt for going on 2 years now and just like improving, belts will come but dont be a belt hunter, not alot of people like them
TMT Staff

Good idea and suggestion.
Thread is pinned.

Ray Elbe

Check that website out about all "belt promotion" requirements in regards to BJJ.

My Belt Is In The Ring... unch:

So are mine

nick dunne
do u train with a  GI or no GI ?
TMT staff
Sawasdee Nick,

We train no gi due to the warm temperature.

Thanks, TMT staff

now there is gi classes in the evening will the instructor in the gi classes be offering promotions?

i too would be interested in knowing if the bjj coach awards promotions.
and is he available for private lessons if so at what price?
TMT staff
Our head mma instructor is a bjj blackbelt, so he has the ability to promote other students.

We have several instructors that range from 800-1500 baht per private lesson.


TMT staff

Andrew Gardineer

I am the Gi instructor for the next 6 months at Tiger.  I will definately defer any promotions to Ray.  I do offer Gi and No-Gi privates.  Right now the gi class is optional at 7pm and we are building more interest in people putting on the Gi.

hi andrew whats your background in bjj,and how much do you charge for a private?
Andrew Gardineer

Johny after winning the AZ State Championships as a purple belt I was promoted to Brown Belt from Third Degree Black Belt World Champion Giva Santana.  Privates are 800 baht.

Andrew also took two silver medals at the recent Thailand Open.

He lost to Matt Serra/Renzo Gracie black belt Dan Simmler in the Nogi Elite Division.  Simmler was the number 1 RANKED grappler in the USA for 5 years straight.

In the Gi Brown Belt division he lost to Demitri Tsoi.  Demitri is a very accomplished brown belt and has competed in the UAE, JAPAN, Australia, USA, and several other International grappling tournaments.

Mathces should be on youtube shortly.  Team Tiger Muay Thai took 2nd place for the Nogi portion of the event----missing several of our key grapplers because of a scheduling conflict with other upcoming events.

Simon Hornsyld

i was thinking.
I trained wrestling(greekroman) in 12 years and now mma and grappling, for a year.
Im danish champ in Fila grappling no-gi 2011.

I have bought a gi, but i have never been training with a gi.
i will train Bjj all day in 9 weeks i will be in tiger.

If it goes well, and i impress to training, would there maybe be a small chance to get a belt promotion, or should i have train with gi, for some years?

Will E.
Hi Simon,

The amount of time really depends on the individual and how fast they progress. Since the head instructor here is a black belt, he has the ability to promote those who deserve it.
Simon h

Thanks for the answers

im excited to come and train full time

hi are tmt bjj students eligible to enter ibjjf tournaments? for instance abu dhabi progi trials?

Yes Jonny.

The instructor who promoted me to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt is 3rd degree BJJ Black Belt Juliano Prado of the Brazilian Top Team Orange County.

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