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Hey guys,

Contemplating saving up some annual leave from work to head over to TMT for a while, just got a few questions. Thinking of heading some time in 09.

(1) What basic level of fitness, weight training and cardiovascular activity is expected? I'm half-expecting you to say none, but you can't expect a couch potato to rock up and be trained into a fighting machine. Just looking for something to aim towards over the next 9 or more months to get my ass into some sort of shape to get the most out of my time spent at TMT.

(2) I've never done any sort of fighting, taught or otherwise. What's a good amount of time to be spent training at TMT if I expect to go at it as hard as I possibly can? I would like to walk away with a good foundation to continue training in back home.

(3) What's a better time to go? Wet or dry season?

Thanks in advanced guys!

Sawasdee Gaston,

Try light running, starting slow and try to get up to 5km at your own pace, biking, swimming, weight-lifting low weight / lot of reps.
Cardio, cardio, cardio.
We usually suggest 3-month to gain a solid foundation in Muay Thai and experience some nice results.
I like the slower season (June-October) weather is not too bad and cooler. Plenty of one-on-one instruction with our trainers.

Happy to answer any questions at info@tigermuaythai.com

Chok dee Krup


What is the maximum amount of time someone can stay and train at the camp?

Is it 1 year on an education visa?

I'm asking because..

a) I've been to Phuket to train and I feel in love with it.

b) I'm now able to work from my laptop so I suppose I'd be able to stay for as long as the visa's allowed.
dave b
Hi Guys,
Looking at a 2 week stay soon,will email with dates etc,odd question but can you recommend any good dentists in Phuket or am I best to try in BKK?Got a bit of dental work so was going to train for a couple of weeks,then do the dentist thing.
Also im 45 years old,have done a couple of 2 week stints at Ko Samui, Lamai Muay Thai camp,fitness average I guess for my age,would like to mix MMA with Muay thai-would one class of each a day be too much or am i better to go privates for one of the classes?
The website looks great,only heard good things about the camp!

Many Thanks
Sawasdee Dave,

There are a lot of professional dentists n Phuket. Phuket International Hospital has a dental wing and I've heard good things about treatment and price.

I think you will enjoy the regular training sessions, but privates are a great way of working on a particular technique or cardio.

You can contact me at info@tigermuaythai.com

I am happy to answer any of your questions.

Chok Dee

Will @ TMT Phuket
Will M
Hi guys. I'm looking to come out from about the 20th of July for a month. I was wondering if you can recommend any cheap airlines that fly to Phuket from London. I've found a few but was wondering if you had any specific advice.

Also, i was wondering if i could do yoga and MMA training in the morning and muay thai in the afternoon. Is this a good schedule? I'm fairly fit and have done quite a bit of kickboxing and BJJ. Hope it sounds alright.


Will M
Will M,

Try http://www.myvacations.co.uk

After many weeks looking around, they were the cheapest I found when I booked mine, £998 for 2 people, return, flying with Etihad in August and return in September.

My particular flight is Manchester to Bangkok so I have to find a separate flight to Phuket which I've been told is pretty cheap anyway.
MMA Freak
Hi, I have become obsessed with all types of MMA in the last couple of years and i have found a couple of training camps on the internet for Muay Thai.

I have done no training in the past but i really want to start on a serious level.

I have seen upsides on both, TMT has 3 different levels of lessons, and the main part is the MMA lessons aswell.

Could you help me make my mind up please by just telling me some more upsides to TMT that other doesnt have please as i am looking to come early 2009 and need to sort out the cost, flight and accomidation soon.

Thanks in advance.

Hey everyone.. The training at Tiger looks very promising and i am thinking about coming to train. I had a question though..

When i look through the room listing i see the price for a month. Then when i click on the budget style room. For 4000/month. and i click on the main page for it. It says that also includes training with that. Is that for all of the rooms at camp? So the standard bungalow would be 12,000/month with training? or do you need to add on the training cost also.

Also with the standard bungalow it says hot water shower.. So id assume there is a toilet and that is a private bathroom with that room?

Hope the questions make sense.

TMT Staff
Sawasdee MMA Freak,

TMT keeps a much higher ratio of trainers to guests than other camps. It is our philosophy on teaching Muay Thai. Currently we have 26 Muay Thai and MMA Instructors and another 12-15 fighters.

We are 5-7 km from some of the best beaches on the island. We do our running on quite roads near camp and up the mountains.

We are two different camps that offer different ideas on training and organization. Really, you can't go wrong either one you choose.

Yes, we have different levels in Muay Thai and MMA, Technique Classes, Weight-Lifting program, Running Program, Restaurant, Nutritionist, Weight-Loss, Yoga, etc.

You can e-mail me at info@tigermuaythai.com for more info.

Hope that helps

Chok Dee


TMT Staff
Sawasdee Andrew,

Sorry for the web site problem.

Standard Bungalow is 12,000 + training (8000) = 20,000 baht per month

Thai-style room is 4000 + training (8000) = 12,000 baht

We are also adding "Dormitory-style rooms" @ camp for training and room = 10,000 baht (August 2008)

Yes, queen bed, tv,dvd, cable, fridge, hot water shower, western toilet, etc.

I'll fix web site
Thanks for info

you can contact me at info@tigermuaythai.com with any questions

Chok Dee

Hi. whats the difference between Thai-style and Dormitory-style rooms are? I'm coming to your gym early 2009 for three months so want to know where to stay
Hi there,

I'd like to come to Tiger camp in the second week of August to train for 6 weeks. Do U have any rooms available? (I'm interested either in budget or standard bungalow).
I had quite a serious car accident 6 months ago & I had 2 spend a lot of time in bed afterwards. I've fully recovered now, but I'm totally out of shape, hopefully with the right attitude it won't be that much of an issue...

All the best!

Sawasdee Mati,

Yes, please contact me at info@tigermuaythai.com.
I can arrange booking and pick up for you on arrival and answer any questions you may have.
I will wait your details


Will @ TMT Phuket

Chris bailey

I'm a beginner to Muay Thai and interested in starting at Tiger, and taking what I've learnt back home to continue training.

I'll be in Thailand in Feb/March, but can only spare 2-3 weeks. I read earlier in this thread you suggest 3 months for a beginner, but I can't spare that at this point. Is 2-3 weeks too short of a time frame training? Would I be better off waiting another half-year/year until I can spare more time?

Sawasdee Chris,

You will certainly get something from 3 weeks training with is, but yes, being able to concentrate for 3-months straight would let you learn much more.
depends more on you and what you want/ expect to achieve through your training. Many of our guests are limite to 3 weeks t a month and do 2 regular sessions a day and a private to get in as much training as possible.

e-mail me at info@tigermuaythai.com and I'll be happy to answer any of your questions.

Chok Dee


I am looking into coming to TMT in September. I want to stay for a minimum of 1 month. I was wondering if there are any employment opportunities in phuket for english speaking Canadians (maybe teaching english or anything else!!!)? This would enable me to stay longer than 1 month.

Always opportunities for people that have TEFL or 4-year degree to teach English.
Requires long term commitment as Work permits are needed and process is long and can be expensive.

Chok Dee TMT


Does TMT also give Muay Boran training. And if so can u participate as a beginner or do u have to be a advanced thaiboxer?

Greetz Justin
Lee Beckwith
Hello thank you for all the nice information. I would like to come stay for three months starting in August... I have a budget and I can afford all the TMT costs but I am wondering: how much spending money do I realistically need? For like the meals that the tiger grill does not cover, etc. I will have about a total of $2800 USD in August, and the plane can cost up to $1000. Is that enough?
Sawasdee Lee,

I usually tell guests to budget a minimum of 35,000 baht per month for their expenses with basic / standard accommodation.
Please see the expected expenses page on website to see associated costs like transportation, entertainment, laundry, and food.
Contact me at info@tigermuaythai.com to make a booking and any questions you may have.

Chok Dee


Hi there i was just wondering there is a minimum age you have to be to train? i will be 17 when i get there

Do you need a licence/ is there a minimum age you have to be to drive the motorbikes?

Also if i get the deluxe training package can i mix my private one on one lessons between muay thai and mma?

Finally how much money will it be to go see the fights, jet skiing, paintballing etc for a month?

Sorry about all the questions probably bored you to death lol
just excited want to get it booked so i can start training
TMT Staff
Sawasdee Chris,

17-years-old is fine. Yes, you can rent a scooter, need passport and drivers license.
Sorry, no, the Deluxe training package only includes Muay Thai privates.
MMA privates have to be scheduled one-on-one with instructor and office.

Tickets to fights are 1200-1500 baht at Stadium, but you can buy discount tickets at TMT office.

Prices vary for time with paintball, Jet Ski (Be careful about Jet Ski rip-off schemes where they try and tell you that you damaged their Jet Ski)

Our guest-relations manager will be happy to help you schedule any activities outside of camp and make sure you get a fair / discounted price.

Chok Deee


Hey TMT:

My Girl and I are looking for a Vacation and were wondering if its just for extreme muay thai athletes.
I'm a huge fan of fighting and she used to instruct Karate.
Would it be O.k. for us or would we just be on the sidelines?
TMT staff
Sawasdee Kevin,

Not at all. TMT has separate programs for beginners, intermediate and advanced in Muay Thai and Beginners and Advanced in MMA.

We have a program for all levels so you are comfortable with the people you are training with are similar skill and fitness level as yourself. You would never find yourself "on the sidelines" as our ratio would pretty much make it that you and your girlfriend would have your own trainer most of the time during training.

The "extreme" athletes train with our fight team ad in the Advanced Fighter training programs.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have.
You can contact me at info@tigermuaythai.com

Chok Dee


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