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Muay Thai till i die
Hey will , i sufferd a injury a while back on my leg . Its not broke but does still ache abit. When doin the free pads and bag training would the trainers be comfortable with me training in shin guards?


No problem. Many guests wear shin guards / pads when training on pads and bags, and during sparring sessions on M-W-F.
We have TWINS shin guards available at camp or you are welcome to bring yur own.

Chok Dee


Muay thai till i die
hey will sorry 1 more thing. i dont suppose if there are days when my legs feeling abit tender,its possible just to do boxing with the trainers?

In one of your postings, you suggested to someone who wants to train in both Muay Thai and MMA to train:

- MMA in the morning
- Muay Thai in the afternoon
- Use private sessions to balance yourself out

I am planning to come for a month and want to train both as well.  Why do you recommend this sequence?

Muay Thai till i die
This might sound abit silly but i was wondering if there are salons where guys can get body haired waxed in Phuket?

cheers will
TMT Staff

Yes, there are salons all over Phuket that will do body waxing, manicure, pedicure, haircut, massage, etc. There are also several places near the camp in Chalong.



Muay Thai till i die
Whats the date of the S.E.A. games in Bangkok this october and can any level of grappler take part?


enough said bout waxing, are ther any good tattoo artists in the chalong area, or is it better to go patong?? didnt Nickys Handlebar have a good tattoo guy at his place??

TMT Staff
sawasdee Jojo,

I would like to recommend Kru Oh @ Tiger Muay Thai. he is an excellent tattoo artist in many different designs including Sak Yant and protection tattoos as well as color art.

You can contact Kru Oh at our training camp and schedule a tattoo session between his Muay Boran and Krabi Krabong training sessions.

If you are looking for something in Patong, I would also recommend Kepsub tattoo. Mark and his girlfriend are outstanding tattoo artists as many of our guests, including myself, will attest.

You can reach them @ http://www.kepsubtattoo.com



muay thai till i die
are the mma classes at the same period as the muay thai lessons?

Muay Thai till i die

Hows the weather in Phuket atm? , i hope its not to bad i arrive on saturday 

TMT Phuket
Muay Thai: Monday - Saturday @ 7:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. and 3:30 - 7:00 p.m.

MMA Training @ Monday - Friday @ 9:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. - ^;30 p.m.

Saturday: Open mat w/ Instructor @ 12:00 - 2:00 p.m.

The weather is much better than last month. Have had 4 days sunshine and feels nice.

See you soon



Muay Thai till i die

Who would u recommend doing 1 on 1 boxing training with?....more than anything its my hands and hips that need the most work.


Saohin is a world class boxer so he would be the guy to train with to improve your hands. He just won a marathon Muay Thai tournament by destroying 3 guys with his punch power.

Aric Dylan

I tried emailing TMT a few times last week and also sent an email to Ray as well...

I'm wondering how I can get a total cost for 3 months of MMA training there and accomodations, and reservations for all that...

I've got a few pro fights in Rage in the Cage and I'm ready for some solid training, which it looks like coming there will more than fulfill...

I sent you an email with our prices.

If you did not receive that email please contact


Aric Dylan
Thanks Ray...

I didn't get your email for some unknown reason, but I did get several from Will and Cori...

I'm in the process of getting everything lined up to get over there for 3 months of MMA...
Sawasdee Cori,

We have been exchanging emails for the last little while and I'm really excited about training MT and MMA at TMT.  The only reason why I haven;t booked yet is to see if a friend of mine is joining me or not.  Good news is I will definitely stay longer than 1 month, I could not get a flight back home in early January.  so it looks like I will be staying from Dec 11 to January 19. 

Is there a safe place to keep my laptop computer and other valuables while training?  I'm concerned about breakins and theft. 

Khaawp Khoon


I have the same question as alex. where can i keep my laptop and personal effects? im going this december 21-jan 18. thanks Cori for all the email and infos.

volkan oezdemir
Originally Posted by TMT

Yes, tourists are welcome to come and train @ the camp anytime.
We have daily prices and private sessions available for all our guests.
Please e-mail me @  info@tigermuaythai.com for more info and details on making a booking.



I just stayed a month at the private tropical bungalow with my laptop on the bed 24/7, the cleaning staff is honest guys, and there is always people around the camp/bungalows, dont worry bout theft from ur room/bungalow if ur staying at the camp or Forest. this was my second trip to TMT and I didnt lock anything in.... forgot to lock the door several times when going out, nothing missing.
A good way to keep urself posted bout thai news/life is to read http://www.phuketgazette.com and http://www.thaivisa.com and http://www.phuket-info.com/forums/general/   TIT - This is Thailand!
Hello there!
I´m planning to come and train at TMT, and I want to stay for six month...
So I´m working my ass of now so that I can afford it...
My cuestion is this, now when I gonna stay for six month I want like a "low-price" bungalow or something. You have the Gym Bungalow for 15 000 baht, is it hard/safe to get something cheaper, maybe outside the camp?



 Salut Volkan ,

 Je te félicite pour tes résultats et j'espère que tu te plais en thailande et que tu profite bien - si jamais tu as d'autres résultats ou photos tu peux me les envoyer à mon adresse E-mail


What is the plug socket shape over there? Can I buy a converter plug?

I'll be bringing my phone and laptop so would need a converter, just seeing if I need to buy one before I go or are they widely available there?

Hi everyone at TMT i was wondering if i trained hard at ur gym and u felt i was ready would u be able to get me a fight at the kings birthday celebration fight night as it would be the ultimate muay thai experience to me. thanks.

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