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will E.
Hi Elliott,

What's your email address? I want to cross reference it.

Elliott Wallace
@will E.
will e.
Ok the bookings department sent you an email. Please contact me if you need anything else.

hey guys!

My brother and i are coming up to train for month, arriving on the 16th of November. Just wondering what the date of the BBQ beatdown will be fore that time period, as i am considering in putting my hand up to fight



I wanted to ask if it is viable to teach english via a TEFL or similar qualification and train at TMT at the same time?

Specifically will the average teaching post allow me enough time to train?

Also if teaching full time will this provide enough money to train and live in thailand?

Thank you

TMT staff

The BBQ beatdown is on the last Saturday of every month. So it would fall on Nov 26th. 

Thanks Will@TMT

Will E.
Hi Chris, Teaching English is a popular way for people to have an extended training holiday in Thailand. There have been many people at the camp who have done this. The full time fighters usually only work part time. You can do a google search for schools in Phuket. A popular one is TTT. If you have any more questions please email us at info@tigermuaythai.com Thank you Will @ TMT
Hey Guys, I sent an email, not sure if you guys received it or not, just wondering if we can pay by Credit Card before we get there? (Training and Accommodation) Cheers
Will E.
Luke, what's your email address? I will have the office cross reference it.

You can prepay via paypal. Or pay by Visa or Mastercard on arrival.

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