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TMT staff
Sawasdee Tom,

Yes it is possible. If you apply yourself you can  have a fight after two months of solid training. I would recommend you have an amatuer smoker fight at one of our monthly BBQ Beatdowns. We can get you a good match up against someone of similar experience.



Oz jackson
Hi i currently run an mma school in scotland in the uk, theres a few of us wanting to come over early next year for 4 weeks and possibly fight, 3 questions,
 1 are there any mma fights or only muay thai, ........2 is the rumour true, you get paid to fight and 3 would it be best to pre book everything or are we ok to turn up ???

Great thank you verry much look foward to being there soon.
Another quick question, are these smoker bbq beatdown amature fights useable on record as an actual recognised amature fight? or is it just a simple organised event that cant be used as refrence to amature fighting? 
Also who would we be fighting ? people from our camp other camps or from where?
TMT staff
Sawasdee Oz,

1) Yes there are mma fights at our monthly BBQ Beatdown parties, also we organize mma fights at the local stadiums but they are not as frequent.

2) The rumor is true you do get paid to fight at the stadiums, but not at the BBQ Beatdown parties.

3) It is definitely better to pre book. That way you can have your choice of accommodation. Please have a look at our accommodation page here, http://www.tigermuaythai.com/muay-thai-camp-accommodation.html 
then send an email to info@tigermuaythai.com. Please tell them your arrival and departure dates and desired accommodation.



As i am a new to mma i would obviously attend the morning begginers session for mma then on the afternoon what training would i do? as i guess i would not have the skill to join the intermediate/advanced session on the afternoon?
Oz jackson
Great were al really exited to come!!! Do you know if there will be a stadium fight around feb/march 2011???
TMT Staff
Sawasdee Oz,

Yes there will be plenty of Muay Thai fights around that time, we do not have any mma scheduled yet for that time period since it's very far in advance. We will try to set one up for you during your stay.


TMT Staff

Great!................ also on the second thread it says your looking for fighters to come out and live. im very very interested... could you give me as much info as possible I.E expenses etc. cheers
Hi i'am also curious about tom's question if the smoker BBQ fights are usable on record and recognized as proper amature fights? and if i could use them as refrence too as proper amature fights?
And how much would one get for a stadium fight?
is there any safes to put valuables in whilst training in any of the rooms? 
thanks Si
TMT staff
Sawasdee guys,

I will try and answer a few of your questions.

There are lockers available at many of the accommodations. Here's a list of some Icom/Dream Village, Wallop House, Family Bungalow and Nature house. You can put a padlock on these to make them secure.

An amateur fight is an amateur fight, you can claim it on your record.
A stadium fight will pay about 5000 baht, the gym will get a 20% cut for supplying transportation, corner men, supplies like tape, vaseline, shorts etc. The it is the norm to tip the Thai trainers who corner you 500 baht. So you would be left with about 3500 baht. Of course there are much larger international mma fights with far bigger purses available, but these opportunites are for members of our fight team who live and fight here full time.

Oz, please check out this link to some other threads on this subject here, http://bigmac.websitetoolbox.com/post?id=3222361&highlight=cost+living
also i want to mention after 6 months your training fees will be reduced by 50% and if you fight for Tiger often and are committed to being a member of our fight team, we may waive training fees in some instances.



Just wondered if someone could give some useful items or things to bring with me whilst staying at the camp for 3 months? 
Thanks Si
hi guys im looking to come over and train for 3 months , ive a bit of boxing experience but none in muay thai .
will i be able to speak to someone when i get there about what the best programs are for me ?
i will be buying all the kit i need over there can you give me a rough price ?

hi im planning to come to tmt end ov dec/jan. I have been before but this time im planning on staying for 2-3yrs but to do this i need to stay in the dorm room and would like to know when one is available so i can book my flight. I sent an email a couple ov weeks ago but got no reply. Thanks

Will E.
Hi Kingsley,

What's your email address? I will have bookings and reservations get in touch with you right away.



hi will thanks for the reply. My email is kasaao@hotmail.com
Wil E.
I sent your inquiry and email address to the bookings department.

You should hear from them soon. If you have any more difficulties email me at will-gm@tigermuaythai.com


When is the LOW season, where things are generally cheaper compared to the HIGHER season?
Wil E.
It's May-Nov. Things in general can be had for a bargain. Items at markets, sometimes housing and bike rentals.

I'm coming to Phuket in September as an exchange student and gonna stay for 3,5 months..
I have been training BJJ here in Finland for 3 months now and would like to continue that in Phuket also!

I wont have lots of free time because of the school but still I would like to keep in shape and learn new stuff...
So during my time there I would like to train BJJ like 1-3 times/week..

Would it be possible to just train BJJ at your gym? How much would it cost?
What are the training hours?

Hi Marti

Hope you are well. Yes you can come and train just BJJ if you would like too. The BJJ is every morning at 9pm, you can do a pay as you go service for example the morning session would cost you 300 baht. We also have a BJJ class in the afternoon but this includes striking and sparring. The full day would cost you 500 baht in totall. or if you know you want to train the would month you could pay 9,000 baht this would include everything.

Hope this answers your question.

Thanks TMT staff
Ben Harvey

Hi i am coming to train for 4 weeks in november i booked the accomadation and training through pay pal and sent an email but have had no replys confirming the booking?

Wil E.
Hi Ben,

What's your email address? I will have bookings and reservations contact you.


Will @ TMT
Carel K
Hi all,

The plan is to come in juni/juli 2011 for about 4 weeks. But just to make sure i would like to ask if there are sufficient vegetarian meals (no meat, fish or eggs) being offered on location to train healthy.

I hope to hear from you soon and till next year.
Will E.
There are vegetarian options available at the camp. Also there are vegetarian restaurants in the nearby area of Chalong.

There are a couple of vegetarians living here at camp. They know all the best spots to eat. Please come see me when you arrive, I will introduce you. 


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