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ben murray
hi tmt,
i'm 18yrs from the uk and have some fight experience. are all boxers paid to fight including farang,
if so roughly how much just so it helps me plan my budget.


Sawasdee Ben,

Yes, if you compete in a fight you will be paid a purse of around 5000-6000 baht to start. The more experience you have and # of fights the purse will go up.

Chok Dee


hey guys,

I just watched the new video tour of TMT and I can't wait to get out there.

I was wondering if you could give a rough price guide for kit from the shop there.  I'm using 14oz gloves right now so will need to get some 16oz ones to spar I guess.


TMT Staff
Sawasdee Alex,

16 oz gloves = 1500 baht (Twins / Raja)
Fairtex Shinguards = 2000 bagt
Groin guard= 300 baht
Handwraps= 300 baht

Shorts (mixed variety) from 600-1200 baht
Shirts and tank tops = 350 - 450 baht

Chok dee



hi there


I have a yr left till my black belt (next June) I then have to train for 3months to get my Licence. As soon as I have got my black belt I will book my ticket out of here. My 1st stop is Thailand your camp being the 1st thing I do when I arrive – I plan to train for a month (4weeks – will I still get a certificate or do I have t train longer than a month?) I will arrive in Thailand late October early November (2010) will there be availability for the bungalows at the end of June? As I cant book till have passed!! I no it’s a long way in advance but going from previous yrs how early do they book up?




TMT Staff
Sawasdee Lizzie,

Yes, we can make you a certificate of training for 1 month.
Yes, you should be able to book in June for October-November 2010.
Happy to answer any questions you may have please contact me at info@tigermuaythai.com

Chok Dee



How far away are the bungalows from the training areas? If you were taking it easy one day when the rest of the camp we training how much noise you u hear??

They are pretty noisey.  You can hear the MT classes, the music, the pads, people laughing and having fun...

That is one of the good things about the gym bungalows...they keep you motivated to train.

I wouldn't say its "So loud" that you can't hear the TV...but its loud enough that if your a light sleeper it will wake you up. 

thank 4 that  :-)

i am a light sleeper but then when im training 6hrs i day i dont think i wud be and i guess i cud have music in headphones if i wasnt training and was trying to sleep :-)

Two of us are planning to come over in Jan 2010 to train for 5 months in the camp. With regard to price, is it true there is an extra 5% charge if you pay by credit card? Also is it true you have to pay another 7% on top of the prices on the site for VAT?

We are planning to get a large Tropical Bungalow in the camp to share. Is the per month rate (20,000 Baht per month) the same or is it any cheaper if you are renting for a longer period like 5 months?

Also- are there are any plans to introduce any sort of wrestling module at Tiger? Or is this incorporated into the MMA training at all?

TMT Staff
TMT does not charge for Credit Card use nor do we charge VAT Tax on your bill.

Tiger Muay Thai books the Tropical Bungalows, but we do not own the resort. Usually, they stay full and the Thai management does not discount stay.

Yes, we have had discussions about bringing in a wrestling coach to add more to the MMA program which contains more No Gi BJJ than pure wrestling at moment.

Chok Dee


Thanks, I'd read somewhere that training costs of 9000 Baht was actually 9000 + 7% VAT + 5% credit card charge = 11000 Baht.
Also- do you have many cases where people pay for a few months training and then get injured and cannot train? What is your policy on this? For example if I got injured on my second day after paying for three months.
How far in advance would you recommend booking accommodation to ensure that you get what you want?
The place looks fantastic, I can't wait to get over there!


TMT Staff
TMT used to charge VAT Tax as this is refundable to you at the airport on departure, but the process was difficult for guests, so VAT is now included in the price. Training is flat rate: 2500 baht week / 9000 baht month and has been since Jan 1, 2009.

3-month training package offers a 1000 baht per month discount @ 24,000 baht.

TMT carries a standard "No Refund Policy"
You are able to train when you like for 3-months. We train 2 X per day + programs, classes, etc.

Injuries are part of physical sports. Most injuries are minor sprains and bruises. However, in the case of a serious injury, we will hold your training time if you need to return at a later date.

Please book at least 1-month in advance, especially if there is a specific accommodation you prefer.

Happy to answer any other questions you may have.

You can contact us at info@tigermuaythai.com

Chok Dee


Hey guys.

Im planning to come in January of 2010 after my graduation of HS. Im a wrestler currently boxing at a local gym. Ive had about a year of MMA training aswell. I was wondering if in the MMA class you would be able to award BJJ belts to fighters as they progressed?

TMT Staff
Sawasdee Mike,

Yes, Ray can award belts but he will follow rules of IBJJA and you must be at the camp for long enough for him to evaluate you completely.

Chok Dee


Ose Okojie
Do you have to follow the training program exactly the way its laid out. For example can I follow the normal Thai training on the morning and do my strength training and lifting in the evening instead of doing the morning routine again? Also are we scheduled to lift weights everyday or is that something we can do whenever we feel. Thanks a lot
TMT Staff

Yes, you are our guest. You can train in the program you like and join Peter during weight lifting program or do weights on your own. Gym is open to you 24 hours per day.

Chok Dee



Do you guys still have full training weeks during the christmas and New Years holiday season? 

TMT Staff

We are open for Christmas (This is a Buddhist Country)
We are closed on Dec 31, 2009 and Jan 1, 2010 for New Years.
The gym is still open for you to train 24 hours a day. But staff will be off on holiday for two days.

Chok Dee


This is directed towards Ray Elbe. I read that you say dont get caught up in over training. I am coming in august for 3 weeks. I want to improve my stand up and boxing but ultimately focus and improve my mma, so do you suggest taking both mma classes each day and doing a private with a muay thai trainer? I would like to train at least 6 hrs each day and take full advantage of being there to train. What is your suggestion?

do you need to bring gloves of a different weight for pad work?
or do you use 16 oz for the pads as well as sparring
TMT Staff
Sawasdee Pac,

14-16 oz gloves will be fine for you in pad, bag, sparring etc in Muay Thai Program. If you want to switch up different size gloves for sparring and pad work you are welcome. Some people even switch to bag gloves when going to work on heavy bag. Your choice, whatever you are comfortable with in training.
If you are training in MMA program, you will need 16 oz gloves as required.

Chok Dee



How old do you need to be to stay at the camp?


How old must you be to stay at the camp? do you need a guardian over 18 years of age? And how old do you need to be in order to fly a airplane without a guardian?

TMT Staff
Sawasdee Dylan,

We have had guests as young as 16 stay at the camp.
You will need permission from your guardian to travel and enter Thailand as a minor.
We welcome you to come and train with us as we have many people your age interested and already learning Muay Thai and MMA/ BJJ.

Any questions, please contact us at info@tigermuaythai.com

Chok Dee


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