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TMT Staff
This is designed to be an ongoing thread about common questions on the camp, Phuket, transportation, food/dining, activities, entertainment, etc.

Guests are welcome to post informative comments and their experiences that will be helpful to other guests wanting to attend the camp.

TMT and it's staff are dedicated to giving our guests quality customer service and a one-of-a-kind Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts Training Center with the best trainers and environment we can provide.

We have attached a General FAQ and ask guests to update info on their experience while visiting Phuket.


Where is Phuket, Thailand?

Phuket is an island on the Southwestern coast of Thailand about 12 hours from Bangkok by road and 1 hour by air. Phuket is connected to the mainland of Thailand by the Sarasin bridge which is north of the airport. Phuket has a population of +400,000, and has several towns (Tambon), and cities (Muang), including Phuket City, Patong, Thalang, Karon and Kata, Kamala, and Chalong ( whare the camp is located.). The island is approximately 60 km long and 20 km wide. Malaysia, Burma, and Cambodia border south Thailand.

What makes TMT different from other gyms and camps?

Tiger Muay Thai and MMA Training camp offers our students expert training at great prices in a modern,  clean, professional  gym in the tropics of Phuket, Thailand . Our Muay Thai and MMA Training Camp is brand new with 6 large Muay Thai rings and 4 separate training areas, MMA fighting cage and training facility with  new 160Sq. meter padded MMA training area, 36 Heavy bag, medium bag, small bag, uppercut bag, knee boards, agility ball training stations, and BBQ area, deluxe bungalows, restaurant "Tiger Grill" with fruit and juice bar with protein shakes and drinks with supplements, equipment shop with all the gear you need for training, complete weight-lifting area with certified PBBAT trainer, nutritionist, 2 Olympic benches, squat rack, nautilus machines , 3 full sets of dumbbells, exercise bikes, lat and shoulder machine, inner and outer thigh machine, leg press, row, incline benches and more, mountain bikes available for transportation and exercise. Introducing December 2008 4 Full Sets Kettle Bells

But really makes us different is the positive attitude and atmosphere around the gym that separates our gym from other gyms. Hard training and good times, preparing for fights and a great way to experience traditional Muay Thai and the Thai culture. Many of our Thai trainers live @ the camp and spend time with our guests during and off training. There are a lot of friendships made at the camp and it is a wonderful experience meeting people from all over the world while sharing a common passion for training and fighting Muay Thai and MMA.

Getting something to eat @ Local Restaurants and "The Tiger Grill @ Tiger Muay Thai"

For the convenience of our guests we have a healthy food restaurant located @ the camp with a variety of healthy Thai and foreign foods at affordable prices. From cereal/oats/fruit/yoghurt for breakfast to BBQ Chicken, fried rice or a grilled steak, "Tiger Grill" has something for everyone.

TMT offers meal Plans helping guests save money on food:

Monthly Meal Plan @ 6000 baht month

Weekly Meal Plan @ 1800 Baht week

(Includes 2 meals a day @ 7-days-week: Thai dishes, soup, veggies, white / brown rice, fruit, drink (2 meals per day @ Lunch and dinner)

There are several restaurants near the gym that offer a variety of Thai and Foreign foods for our guests. The Forest Restaurant is a popular hangout for our guests and is located just 200 meters from the camp.

Just out on the bypass rd, there are several small Thai restaurants that offer meals @ around 50-80 baht. And the local market which is open 3 days a week and has BBQ and Grilled foods, drinks, and desserts.

For more variety, there are several nice restaurants near the Chalong Pier including the always popular Jimmy Lighthouse ( a fixture in the Chalong community for the last 10+ years; The Anchor Inn (popular breakfast hangout with great food and prices); Flinstone's European bakery and Restaurant; and Kan-eang Seafood which sits on the waterfront next to the pier and offers a wide-variety of fresh seafood and Thai dishes.

When is the best time to come to Phuket?

Phuket has two distinct seasons. The dry season (high-season) and the rainy season (low-season).

High Season

The high season runs from November-April and the low-season from May-October. Most tourists come during the peak of the high-season in December., but Phuket's low-season keeps getting shorter and the high-season a little longer.

 Durng the high season, weather is dry and hot with little chance of rain. The sea is calm and flat on most beaches as the wind blows offshore. The average temperature runs 32c-38c with humidity around +80%, and rains about 1-2 days a month. In high-season, prices rise a little for hotels and services as more people arrive on the island.

Low Season

Low-season brings the rains and the inshore winds. The island is not as crowded in the low-season, but there are still plenty of tourists. The low season now actualy doesn't stat until late June as many people try to get that last minute vacation or trip abroad.

It can rain a lot in the low-season, sometimes several days in a row, but there are plenty of beautiful and sunny days as well. On average, it rains 2 days each week. (And we don't stop training just because it is raining)The average temperature runs between 26c-30c and the humidity around +50%. The waves get bigger on the beaches and brings the surfers and boogie boarders out to the beach. The low-season is a great time to train with the cool weather, little crowds, and great prices.


Is the airport far from the gym?

The Phuket International airport is on the north end of the island. Most towns and tourist areas are on the south end of the island. When you arrive at the airport, you will need to take a taxi/van to the gym or hotel.

Taxi is available @ the airport immediately as you leave the baggage claim area and head outside. There is usually a "tout" or salesperson that will offer you a taxi or van to wherever you are going. Prices are usually slightly higher but they will carry your bags to car and have one waiting @ curbside.

Metered Taxi are available outside in the middle of the parking lot. (They attempt to hide the stand as they are only a limited # of metered taxi in Phuket)

Standard fares: Chalong @ 650 baht; Patong@ 600 baht; Boat Lagoon@ 400-500 baht; Kata / Karon 700 baht; Rawai @ 700 baht.

If you make arrangements with staff at the gym, we will have a taxi pick you up and make sure you are not overcharged at the airport (650 baht is fair price.).

The gym is about 25 km from the airport. . The Phuket airport is very modern with an info desk, ATM's, hotel reservation desks, and restaurants.

Good Advice: Get taxi from camp. Our Taxi Drivers that service our camp know our location and the location of all our bungalows and rooms. They are friendly and courteous and are happy to stop and help you get something to eat or drink, get money @ an ATM, etc.

These are the same drivers that will be available for you @ the camp should you need local transportation within Phuket to Tesco Lotus, Big C Shopping Mall, or Central Mall, or wherever you may be headed on the island. They do not inflate rates or try and take you somewhere you don't want to go.


What kind of money do I use in Thailand?

The Thai currency is called "baht" (bot). The baht currently trades near 34-35 baht to $1. Use our currency converter to check against your countries exchange rate. There are banks, ATM's, and exchange booths located all over the island. Transactions at banks and exchange booths usually require a passport for identification. Most hotels will change currency for you but watch the exchange rate as they charge a % fee.


How much money do I need while in Phuket?

Phuket has very reasonable prices on most items. Always try and negotiate a fee for something before buying, especially tuk-tuk's and small shopping plazas. Below are some suggested prices in Phuket.

Training: 9000 baht per month

Room: 300-1500 baht per night

Motorbike: 250 baht per day / 3500-4500 month (depending on style)

Food: 100-150 baht per meal

Beer: 40-100 baht per bottle

Bus: 20 baht/ Tuk-tuk: 200 baht (please use with caution and always negotiate fare before getting into the Tuk-Tuk.

 Getting Around in Phuket: Bus, Motorbike, or Taxi?

Guests staying @ the camp have several choices for transportation. Motorbikes are available for rent and are the most common form of transportation for foreigners and Thai people. Motorbikes are convenient and affordable @ 3500 - 4500 baht per month and are available in standard (shift) or Automatic.

We also have mountain bikes available for rent @ the camp @ 1200 baht per month. Bikes are a great way to get around locally in the Chalong area, but if you want to go to the beach, shopping @ Central or Big C, ( 5km) a motorbike, taxi, or bus might be a better choice.

Bus service is available @ the bus stop just 100 meters from the camp. The Phuket Bus service operate daily till 6:00 p.m. and is very affordable. Buses run on local routes from on area to another and cost 10-20 baht. For those with a little patience, Buses are a great way to get around and see the island.

Taxi service is available on call 24 hours a day for our guests. The taxi drivers that service the camp will always treat you fairly and have designated rates that are posted for our guests.

Where can I find a place to stay?

We have 15 deluxe bungalows and 15 budget rooms for rent at the gym with TV/DVD, air conditioning, wireless internet, cable TV,  hot water, fridge, and large bed + more.

The bungalows at the gym go quickly, so a reservation is a good idea. There are many places within 1-3 km of the camp that have affordable accommodation in a small bungalow or Thai style room @ 4000 - 60000 baht per month.

(Warning: Lower priced hosing is not always in secure areas and Theft and break-ins in areas not patrolled by security are not uncommon. Please make sure of all your valuables and electronics are stored safely.)

Check out our prices for accommodations and specials. There are plenty of hotels, bungalows, and guest-houses in the area. We will be happy to find you a room at the gym or somewhere near. Contact TMT Staff or mangement for arrival and room reservations.

What do I need to bring?

Other than a passport/visa and ID, it is up to you. Thailand is very humid and you can expect to shower several times a day, so a few change of clothes is necessary while others are being washed.

We have a laundry service for customers of the gym with fair prices and includes pick up and delivery from the front office. You can place items in small plastic bag with your name. The Laundry woman will pick up laundry daily and it takes about 2 days to be returned cleaned and pressed and in a plastic bag.

Most things you might need can be purchased here in Phuket. Clothes are very inexpensive, as are shoes, sandals, towels, toiletries, etc. What do you really need? Just a smile and good attitude.

Bring your own workout / training Mix CD

We welcome guests that want to make a workout and training CD...Share your music with the rest of us. We keep a constant flow of good music during training sessions that keeps you upbeat and motivated.

Good Books and Music, Magazines, Games, etc


Hospitals, Clinics, and Pharmacy?

Phuket has several modern hospitals including Phuket International Hospital just 6km from the camp. The Hospital offers emergency and outpatient services and has a full dental wing with affordable services.

Pharmacy are located all over the island, including Chalong which has several Clinics and Pharmacy in case you fall ill / sick and need medicine or to fill a prescription.


Do you offer certification?

Unlike some other martial arts, Muay Thai has no official ranking system, but we offer certificates of learning and achievement in Muay Thai. We offer special plaques, certificates, and awards to students with outstanding ability and achievement. If you attend the camp for more than 1+ month we offer a nice certificate of attendance.

We have a complete Muay Thai Instructors Training program

Intermediate 1 & 2

Advanced 1& @

Master Instructor Training

For those interested, we offer 1-2 hour DVD's of your training and fights with special FX, titling, and music. These are a great way to remember and enjoy your training time in Thailand, and you will usually see staff at the gym photographing and filming students for DVD's and Picture CD's.

TMT can film your training sessions and burn DVD add a photo CD slideshow of your training time here at the camp.

Please contact Guest-Relations manager to schedule a DVD / CD for filming.


Do I need to bring my gear?

You are welcome to bring any equipment you might need while training. We supply all the equipment you might need for training, and we have a full equipment and clothing shop at the gym with gloves, pads, wraps, shorts, shirts, training DVD's, CD's, etc.

Equipment is very affordable here in Thailand and 30-40% less than the price you will pay in Europe, USA, Canada, and Australia.

Tiger Muay thai & MMA is a "wholesale rep" of TWINS / RAJA / INTER Equipment manufactured in Thailand.

Custom Made Muay Thai Shorts: One of a knid Muay Thai Shorts

Add your name, club, gym, country, Thai and English language

Custom made patches : Give us a picture and we will have patch made custom.


What type of fitness level do I need to train?

Everyone will take a few days to a week to adjust to the climate here in Thailand. Your level of fitness will increase slowly, so there is no reason to be afraid. The average guest need 3-5 days to acclimate to the climate and heat.

Many of our guests have never worn boxing gloves before, others, have been fighting for years. How often and how long you train is up to you. We want to see you @ every session for training and help you reach your training goals.

We are here to help you and teach you. When you are tired, take a break. If you want to push through and work harder, we will be there to help you.

Always keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids. Sore muscles and joints can be massaged with liniment and oil. Thai massage is very popular in Thailand and TMT has special "guest prices" at local massage and spa near camp for our guests.


I am staying 3 months....Do I need a visa?

When you arrive in Bangkok or Phuket, you will be issued a 30 day tourist visa at the airport immigration and customs. At the end of 30 days, you will need to leave Thailand and return for another 30 day visa. Actually, it is not as bad as it sounds. However, new laws (October 2006) now allow foreign visitors only 3 consecutive 30 day Visa before you will be required to leave Thailand for 90 days (3 months) before returning for another 30 Day VISA.

Thailand still offers 30/60/90, tourist, Educational VISA for tourists contacting Thai embassies outside of Thailand or in your home country before arrival. (Suggested course for staying in Thailand longer than 60 days)

Visa runs are made by local travel companies that run vans/buses to different border stations in Myanmar (Burma) and Malaysia. The visa runs leave in the morning and return in the evening, and they usually stop to eat on the road at a small restaurant. Visa runs cost as little as 1500-1800 baht for a trip to Ranong near Burma (Myanmar) or to Penang, Malaysia.

The trip takes about 8 hours. You cross into Burma via a long tail boat, get stamps at the immigration office and return to Thailand. Quick and easy. Many of our students travel together to save money or just be with friends. Some trips stop for pictures at different and locations.

Will I have problems with the language?

While it is not necessary to learn the Thai language, it will help you greatly if you can say a few key phrases, and polite words.

Many Thai people in Phuket speak some English, and English is a required language in Thai schools. Phuket is the best English speaking province in Thailand. Check out our Thai language page for key words and phrases that will help you get by while you are in Thailand. Korp Khun Krup.


Does the gym train women and children?

Tiger Muay Thai is open to everyone, and everyone is welcome. On average, Tiger Muay Thai trains 5-7 women training at the camp every month. Families are welcome as are children over 7 years of age. We have Thai fighters that are training daily to become Muay thai fighters. No matter your sex or age, you'll have a great time at the gym.


Will I get hurt training with Thai boxers and trainers?

Aside from a sprain or muscle cramp or ache, No, you do not have to worry about being hurt while training. TMT also offers Yoga 2 X every day @ 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.- 4:00 p.m. Yoga is a great way to keep flexible and help prevent injury. TMT also begins each training session with a minimum of 20 minutes stretching to prevent injuries.

Our trainers will train you as hard as you like. When you are sparring in the ring (Monday - Wednesday - Friday (Sparring Boxing in morning and Muay Thai in afternoon), your sparring partner will hit you as hard as you hit them. Our trainers control the action at all times.

Muay Thai is an extreme physical sport. Sometimes, a student will get a little rough with the sparring, and the trainer will give as good as he gets. But as a strict rule, sparring is done at 3/4 speed and  power. The trainers are here to teach and help you, not hurt you.

Sparring is not Mandatory

If you ask, trainers will increase or decrease the level of sparring and ring action to suit your level of fitness and experience.


Can I have a real Muay Thai fight while in Thailand?

Students can experience a real Muay Thai fight against a Thai or foreigner here in Phuket. Our trainers will prepare you for a real 5-round fight to be held in Phuket, Patong, Ko Samui, or Surat Thani, Ko lanta, Ko Pahng Ngan, + more.

All Muay Thai fights have a referee, judges, corner men, and doctor at the fight ....along with all the students from the gym cheering.

Gambling is legal in boxing stadiums, so students can place bets on themselves, and others.

TMT will be with you every step of the way, from training and conditioning, taking you to the fight, massage and wrap hands before fight, introduction, and in your corner until you defeat your opponent.

Become a member of Team Muay Thai and Team MMA Thailand  and experience a real Muay Thai fight while on your training vacation.



Hi there,


My name is Kristina and I would like to come over to train at your camp. I haven't done martial arts before. Do you think i could cope with a 2 weeks training? How do I find out my level of fitness and what training programme I should go for?





Allen Minhas

Hi there,


I was doing research on TMT. I currently live in Vancouver and train kickboxing/pankration. I would like to attend TMT from oct 25/07 to dec 5/07. Can two people live in a large bunglow( the 20,00 bhat)? Do you train at your own pace? Is there private one on one traing for MMA/submission?


Thank You


How far in advance do you need to book a room at the gym...a bunglow suite?

TMT Staff
sawadee Kristine,

Yes, you can cope with two weeks training. As you ave never done Martial Arts before, we will assign you to the beginners program with Kru Phet and Kru O.
They will train you hard, but also teach you all the basics you need to get an firm understanding of Muay thai.

Kru Phet (Head Trainer)

You will be evaluated on arrival by one of the head trainers on skills level and conditioning level.
Please e-mail me @ info@tigermuaythai.com



Sawasdee Allen,

TMT Staff
Sawasdee Allen,

Yes, the family style bungalow can be shared by 2-3 people @ no extra cost.
You can train @ your own pace, but our trainers are there to push you, motivate you, and help you achieve your goals.
Yes, you can book one-on-one private training sessions with our Muay Thai and MMA Instructor(s) through the office.

Please contact me @ info@tigermuaythai.com and I will help you make a booking for Occt - dec.






 im planing to comedown in june for three months


im just wondring about the times if u wana train muaythai and mma both how does the timing work then


the second question is is this possible  from 7 to 9 u train muaythai with a personaltrainer


then from 9 to 11 u train mma with a group


then in the evning 3 to 7 muaythai again with a group



TMT Staff
Sawasdee Moazzam,

Yes, you can train both style each day.
Yes, you can book private training sessions for mornings, afternoons, or evenings to balance out your training.

Evening MMA program is from 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.



It is very easy to train both MMA and Muay Thai while at the camp.  Many of our guest like to take advantage of both programs...as they feel they need to make the most of their training experince.

...It is very difficult to train more than 4 hours in a day.

The MMA classes that I run are very challenging.  I push each person to achieve their own personal best...

Many of the guest who attend the camp fall victim to "Over training"

As a professional fighter for over 7years~ I know the importance of keeping your body healthy.

I often suggest a training regiment to my students that involves no more than 2 classes a day.

It is very difficult to train for 2 intense hours~ and then follow that up with another class.

I suggest the MMA class in the morning~ and the Kickboxing in the evenning.

(Many of my students enjoy the MMA class so much that they take 2 MMA classes~ and work out a schedule with a specific Thai trainer for Privates)

...I look forward to training with you!!!!

Ryan Jardine
Hey i was wondering if i can get in contact with sum of the fellow Canadians that are at the training facility to ask them a cpl quick questions....and Allen Minhas if u see this give me a shout as well if u don't mind. thanks...
hey Magicalray

its true that it will be hard having 4 hours of hard traning in th morning,,,an its important to dnt overtrain .

but how does this plan sound

like in the mornig 7.30 to 8.30 hav a easy lesson with muaythai like i wana get better at kicking så i would like to train differnt type of kicks on these lesson then frm 9 to 11 hav mma lesson then in afternoon train muay thai with a group

Eric Macmillan is no longer teaching at TMT.

I am running the classes and we currently have ATT purple belt Greg Bell here assisting with the instructions.

...You can work out your own training regiment...but I would advice you against training more than 2 times a day...regardless of how you divide the time.

*it's all up to your body though*.

Yes...it is Ray...as in Ray Elbe~ LOL.

*Look forward to training with you guys soon*
Hi there,

I'm hoping to book a bungalow and training for 3 months from June. Do i e-mail the account in the previous posts?

Hi there,

I'm hoping to book a bungalow and training for 3 months from June. Do i e-mail the account in the previous posts?

coming in june to train and stay at tiger with my family cant wait to do mma program neither can my 15yr old son see you all then hey ray what about the ufc shows of late unpredictable or what Mark from downunder
Sawasdee Mike,

Please contact Will @ info@tigermuaythai.com
We will be happy to help you make a reservation in the accommodation of your choice. And we will answer any questions you may have concerning camp or reservations.

Take care


there are so many camps here in thailand its realy hard to choose ...

but there are some silly romours going around here in europe that its more hard core training where there are not that many turists for example up the north,,

its the true that its much better traing at north then for example then tigermuaythai.camp in phuket?

Sawasdee Andrew,

Our training program is organized by a 30+ year veteran of Muay Thai. Ajarn Mac and our head trainers which have a combined 1000+ Muay thai fights train you like thai fighters. "Want to fight like a Thai....then train like a Thai."
The training at TMT Phuket is hardcore. 4-5 hours per day of training for technique, speed, power, and conditioning.
We also have 15+ Thai fighters that train here and fight.

Yes, there are a lot of camps, but none like Tiger Muay Thai.
We offer the most "hands on" one-on-one training because of the # of instructors we keep based against how many guests.
We have a large, clean, and modern training facility w/ training divided into 3 programs and mma for guests to get the most out of their time training.

Hope that helps


Ill be backpacking across Thailand for two weeks to experience the culture of thailand.
Do you guys train tourists? half day session? I actually have a year experience in Muay Thai in the USA, but I want to experience an authentic training session in Thailand.


Yes, tourists are welcome to come and train @ the camp anytime.
We have daily prices and private sessions available for all our guests.
Please e-mail me @  info@tigermuaythai.com for more info and details on making a booking.



Hi,i am thinking of doing muay thai training for 1 month,maybe more.My question is:i used to be an athlete when i was younger and gave up sports for a few years when i went back i pushed myself running and developed shin splints ,the were worse but know i have got them not as bad as they used to be,anyway my question is will shin splints affect conditioning of my shins as the main thing i would like to work on is kicks.Also i would like to know the amount of knowledge i would learn in 1 month and yes i would like to push myself hard.

Shins splints area common, yet painful injury.
Obviously, if running just hurts you more, our trainers will have you concentrate on different exercises for warm-ups.
I would suggest TWINS leg pads for all ring and pad work. (Available in gear shop @ camp)

Depending upon your current skill level, you will come away with better and proper technique. Your conditioning will improve, as will endurance and stamina.
But like most things in life, how much you get will depend on how much you put in and how hard you train.

You can contact me at info@tigermuaythai.com

I can help make a booking and answer any questions you might have.



Iam thinking of coming to stay for a month around august depending on flight availability, are there any of your bungalows available during this period?


i want to come around middle of September are there any bungalows available?.thank you


Yes, we have room for you.
Please contact me at info@tigermuaythai.com

Or if you are having trouble contacting me at that e-mail address, please contact me at tigermuaythai@aol.com



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