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Hi there

Slightly random question but I am a light sleeper and wondering what the noise is like in the fighters rooms at night? i.e can you hear people snoring or anything like that?



Joey TMT
Greetings Paddy,

   We do remind our guests to keep the noise level down during down time and sleeping time from 8:00PM till 7:00 AM. The camp gets pretty quiet during those hours.

Guest Relations
Stephen Wright
Just got back last week from there.
Joey is correct during the quiet hours. It during the day which we found to be annoying. You will have the crossfit group blaring the music during midday (usually our nap time.) The earliest anybody was hitting pads was 6 Am to 630 which usually is 1 person doing their privates. lastest was 8 to 9 pm.

The hardest part for me and my buddy was just trying to sleep period! We came from Alaska and it was -25 F when we left to 90 F in tiger. We went to the local Pharmacy and was given Xanax, for a couple dollars American. 15 to 30 min and we slept good throughout the night.

There was no air condition in ours. Its simple. Small fridge, Tv, chair, tv stand and a 4 drawer plastic where you could put your cloths.
 Hope this helps
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