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Has anyone done a detox while at TMT? I know it is done at Atmanjai, just wondering how it affects your training?
Hi Dave,

I just spent 17 days on a detox at Atmanjai. I followed their ultra-cleanse program, lived onsite and didn't train at all.

Over that period I lost 8kg and now on my first day back on food I feel great.

I didn't see anyone at Atmanjai undertaking the detox while still training. It can be done, but I imagine that most would find it demanding. Given that I had nothing but pills and water for 14 days, I didn't even have the energy for yoga for the last few days, let alone running or training.

I'd highly recommend a good cleanse at Atmanjai, but I think it calls for compromise and reviewing your priorities re training vs. detox.


TMT Staff
Detox is different for different people.
8kg over 14 days is a little lower than average.
Most guests average 1 kg a day.
There are also several different styles of Detox and fasting.
Several guests over past few months have done 10+ days Detox and trained for first 4-5 days before getting tired.
Each person should judge how they feel during Detox and whether to train or not.
The feeling you get after completing a Detox program is fantastic both mental and physical.

Chok Dee


I agree with TMT staff comments also.

This was my 5th cleanse/detox in 5 years, hence why my weightloss was not as dramatic as someone on their first or second cleanse.

I would have also had adequate energy levels for light training for the first week.

My 5th cleanse - and Atmanjai is the best facility so far.
Samar Al Moukayed
Hi there

I am a 29yrs old female and I will be visiting TMT on the 21st of August for a month for the purpose of losing weight. i am planning on doing a detox for 5 days prior to starting with training at Tiger...what would you recommend? I need to drop 7 to 8 kgs in a month. Should i start with the detox first at Atmanjai?

Homer Robinson
Good post. You did a good work and offer more effective information for us! Thank you.

the cleanse
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