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Will E.
Hey Johnny,

No problem bro it will be good to have you back. 

It sounds like you have all of your bases covered as far as the supplements are concerned. There is a couple more that I thought of. Some sort of n.o. (nitric oxide) product. These open up the blood channels and helps more oxygen get to your muscles, and gives you a pump. There are many different ones available, Nitrix, N.O. Black, N.O. Xplode to name a few. One of the main ingredients in these is L-Arginine.

Also an all natural test booster called ZMA is helpful. It contains zinc and magnesium aspartate, and has been proven to work. You take it on an empty stomach before bedtime. I like the Dynatize brand because there are some other ingredients in it as well and it's cheap. You can buy the Thai version (Zemax) at Supercheap in Phuket Town or Watson's in Central Festival mall. 

See you on the 5th!

Will -086-596-9090
Johnny Jen
I went ahead and ordered two bottles of Dymatize Z-force ZMA!  I didn't even realize there was a natural testosterone product out there that worked, thanks for the recommendation.

I would just take "pharmacy testosterone" since it's readily available in thailand but I already have a receding hairline and don't need accelerate it and go completely bald.

How much is the Thai Zemax by the way?  

I used to take N.O. Xplode when I used to lift weights and it definetely works but it's a bit intense so I'm going to skip out on it since I won't be focusing on strength training this time around.

will E.
Yes the Dynatize brand ZMA is very  good. I took it for a long time.

Thai Zemax comes in packs of two boxes for 700 baht. That makes each box 350 baht. 1 box is about a months supply.

The N.O. Xplode is decent, there's a little too much caffeine in their for my liking.
I think a straight L-Arginine product would have the same effect.

Update:  I arrived at TMT a month ago with all of my supplements, including 10lbs (4.4kilos) of protein.  All was new and sealed.

I checked them in my bag and had no problems getting them into Thailand.  =)  Attached is a photo of my room at tmt (fighter's room) with all my supplements in the corner.

Price update: I looked around and the cheapest protein you can find here in Thailand is about $80-$90 for a 5lb tub (2.2 kilos) it's much cheaper at home.  

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Do you think it is an idea to try and put as much powder in one tub as possible, to save on space?  or would it more likely to be taken if the tub was not sealed?
will E.
Without a doubt you want to bring only unopened, sealed bags/tubs of protein.

A 5 kg bag or two should do the trick.



I will be coming to train in april and will be there for a while, 2 yrs maybe longer. Im planning to bring around 15-20kg of protien plus electrolytes and other supplements. If I ship it to the camp before i get there will i have any problems with customs. Its a lot of stuff and will be expensive to replace if they seize it.

Will E.
You either ship it to the camp or bring it yourself and pay any excess baggage charges.

I can't say for sure whether or not you will have any problems with customs.

If you bring them over yourself, make sure all the bags/containers are sealed. It's likely you won't have a problem. Mix your supplements in with some training gear so it looks less suspicious. If they say anything explain you are coming to study the Thai national sport Muay Thai.

A lot of camp guests bring supplements over and don't experience any problems.


Will @ TMT
for those of you that are worrying about your stuff being confiscated... just take the advice on the forum.. bring the 'goods' sealed. I just got in today and brought a ton of supps... it was really lax, I just walked right out of the airport, the weren't stopping anyone to open bags or check declarations.
Hi guys,

I have brought with me a 5 different types of suppl. They were all seal and some were even in my hand luggage. I went the route
DUBLIN-LONDON-KUALA-LUMPUR-PHUKET. Have had not a single problem.

I brought WHEY protein(powder 2kg)
NO.EXPLODE(white cocaine looking powder )

No problems at all.
Recommend to everyone, because you can save a lot of money, and some of the proteins here are not available as in Europe at least.
I'm only coming for a week (this time), so it doesn't make sense for me to bring over a big, still-sealed, tub of protein. Do you guys sell smaller sizes of supplements there?
Hi everyone. I usually make my own isotonic sports drink from OJ & salt or watermelon & salt but in my experience real OJ is hard to come by in SE Asia so I wondered if watermelon is in season all year round in Thailand?

Will E.
You can get real OJ at VillaMart by Chalong circle or any of the grocery stores. Such as Tesco, Big C or the bottom floor at Central festival.

Yes you can get watermelon year around.
Hi all I'm coming to train for 2 months in June and was looking for some help with supplements i normally only train for about 4 to 6 hours a week and after just take a drink of pro recover (CNP)

I was planning on chatting to someone when i got there then buying my supps but since reading this i noticed it can be very expensive could someone give me an out line of what is needed also brand names would be help full as I'm not really in the know about this stuff.

I plan on doing Muay Thai,MMA,Boot camp and the running prog so i know this will be intense and my muscles will not be used to this sort of thing so I appreciate any help that is given cheers.

I look forward to meeting all the staff at TMT and everyone training there

Will E.
You will need a nice multi vitamin. Then a good protein powder. You will want glutamine for recovery and muscle soreness. Bcaa's because they are the building blocks of muscle. I like the powder Xtend that contains glutamine and bcaa's. You add it to your water.

I would recommend a natural test booster called ZMA. It is comprised of zinc, magnesium and aspartate. 

It's always a good idea to add fish oil as well. You can get your omega 3, omega 6 and dha.

Hi Will,

Thanks for the advice it's a great help i look froward to seeing you in June.


Hey guys


Any feedback on whether Jack3d would be an issue getting through the airport? And whether it's available in Thailand to buy? Thanks

Will E.
It shouldn't be a problem. People bring supplements from their home countries all the time. Make sure it is a sealed, unopened container. Then it should be fine.

I haven't seen that product here in Phuket. Has anyone else?

Thanks Will


I actually did a google search on it and found a place called Phuket health shop who stocked the item and advised they would deliver it to me for free once I was there, otherwise they're just 10 mins away, and it's actually cheaper than what I get it for here in Australia, so I'll just do that and avoid any delays at the airport...I always seem to get the 'random' search anyway

Will E.
Sure no problem.

I just noticed them too. They have a strong internet presence, I have been seeing their internet ads everywhere lately but never looked at their product line.

I know what you mean about those "random" searches.

See you soon


hello everyone

my question is about supplements at breakfeast

i suppose i will be having a shake as they digest quickly

also i will be using my two coupons a day at the tiger grill for lunch and dinner

what would you recomend putting in this shake to fuel 3 hours of muay thai in the morning

and just to sum up a drink throughout training with gluatmine and bcaa and creatine ?

any other supplement advice when to take etc would be appreciated

thanks leo


I currently have protein powder at home, and i'm looking to bring some with me. If I put it into a tub and then into my luggage, will this be ok? Also looking to bring BCAAs and some Multi-Vits, but these will be unopened?
I live in Thailand full time and just had a run in with customs trying to buy whey and krill oil on-line and have it shipped in by Thai postal service. Had a long talk with the lady at customs in Phuket. The rule is you can't bring in any type of food/supplement into Thailand that is more than a 30 days supply. She actually read the labels and did the calculation.
   If your shipping it in by mail they only spot check so usually it comes right to my house no problem but this time I had to jump through a lot of hoops to finally get it which included paying a big import tax. Bringing it in by luggage may be different but I know the 30 day rule is correct. However in Thailand nothing is 100% for sure, it's always up to the discretion of the officer whether dealing with customs, immigration, the police or whoever, so you never know for sure.    
Hey, I was Thinking about bringing a few supplements with me as I am coming over to train for 3 months. I don't suppose if I have proof of why I am coming over along with all the supplements being sealed would help? It is just I imagine all of it together would look like a lot.
Also my main concern is I have a stop over in Abu Dhabi, would they also be concerned?! Hope someone can help.
HI, im going on holiday to phuket and I was wondering about the import laws on whey. For example, would it be okay to bring in servings of whey and creatine in sandwich bags for easy serving sized storage? I take my training rather seriously and would not want to miss out on my daily protein macros.
Thanks very much for any help and advice!!!
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