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TMT Staff

This a warning to guests that are wanting to bring supplements with them into Thailand. More and more reports from guests that Customs officers have seized bottles of protein, and other supplements because of a certain law that prohibits "untested" powders and liquids, pills through customs.

Ordering supplements online and having shipped here to Thailand can also be more expensive and still result in shipment being delayed by Customs for "testing."

Supplements are a little more expensive here in Thailand but price is coming down as several new companies have opened forcing the market price down on Whey protein, creatine, BCAA, and other supplements.

If you do decide to chance bringing in your bag, make sure that all bottles have plastic seal intact and properly closed. However this dos not insure that Customs will not confiscate on arrival.

TMT deals with "Bad Ass Supplements" and has lower prices on a full line of work out supplements from Whey protein, Creatine, Glutamine, BCAA, Oat Muscle, Gorrilla Juice, and more and costs less than you will find at LOTUS GNC, pharmacies, or sports stores.

Chok Dee


Yes, it makes me think about the amount of money that could be made simply selling protein for an easy 1500 thb a piece, you could probably even make good money selling it at 1000 baht a piece, depending on productions costs.

Anyhow I would like to note that I made it through customs with 2 pounds of whey protein with no problems at all.  It was in a sealed jug type container.

If I'm not mistaken whey is roughly 2800 baht here, so not cheap.


Did you have it in your checked baggage or carry-on Tony?

Hey Kris, it was on my checked bag.


Hi TMT, i can get 2.2kgs of whey protein here in Scotland for far cheaper than the r.r.p, the tub will be sealed, is there any risk other than having it taken from me at customs? or could it potentially cause problems for me with the Thai authorities? thanks, Kane
TMT Staff
Customs has slacked up on confiscating small amounts (1-2 tubs) if you pack in luggage. Should not be a problem.

Chok Dee


I'm an Insulin dependent Diabetic and therefore will be bringing a small amount of insulin with me to cover me for my 2 weeks, I have a Diabetes Australia card which states I'm a Diabetic, will that be ok at customs?

TMT Staff
Sawasdee Nathan,

Just make sure your insulin is clearly marked as prescription and/ or marked as standard medication and you should have no problems with customs.

There is sugar snacks available at Tiger Grill and there are 2 Mini-marts with snacks within walking distance (3-5 minutes) from Tiger Muay Thai.

Any questions, please contact us at info@tigermuaythai.com

Chok Dee


Ray Elbe
Suppliments are super expensive here in Thailand...

Any of you who bring over suppliments, vitamins, protein, etc....

And are looking to save weight in your travel bags, or are unsure about bringing back open containers when your done training in Thailand...

The MMA program would really appreciate any "left overs".

If you have any extras at the end of your trip~~~>

Ray-MMA Instructor

I am going to see how much i can either get in to Thailand with or also try to send you some before i come Ray.
That brings up a good point. To avoid problems with Customs and luggage, is it possible to send supplements to the camp prior to arrival?
TMT Staff
Sawasdee AJ,

Customs has not been as tough as they were several months ago. You should be able to bring some in your luggage if you like.
Postage can be expensive, and a certain % are opened and can be charged an import tax on delivery.

Chok Dee



Someone mentioned being a diabetic. My question is if you are in need of pharicuticals how difficult is it to get from the local pharmacies?? Prescriptions needed or NOT needed to get the items you need? In Ecuador you could get just about anything you needed without a prescription so not sure if I should take a presciption from my doctor just in case or is it fairly easy to get what you need from a local pharmacy? Thanks

TMT Staff
Sawasdee Steve,

There are several pharmacies located with 1-2 km of TMT.
You will have no problem filling any supplies at the Pharmacy and should you need something they don't have, you can visit the Phuket International Hospital (5km) and they can fill any prescription you may need.

Chok Dee


Hello all,

I know the question has been asked a lot but since you said they are more relaxed with allowing supps to come in, should it be in checked luggage or carry on, which has the better chance of making it through? Thanks.
TMT staff
Hi Joe,

Definitely in the checked luggage.

thanks, TMT staff

Johnny Jen
I'm planning on training at TMT for 3 months from Oct 5th 2010 to the beginning of January 2011.  I've been there before and can vouch that Thailand is the most expensive place, possibly in the world to buy vitamins and protein in bulk.

I am going to attempt to fit two 5lb (2.2kilo) large tubs of protein into my bag, but might end up with less since it'll take up half of my luggage.  

I'm also going to bring in a 90 supply of multi vitamins, and maybe some fish oil.  

For protein you can buy whole rotisserie chickens at the supermarket for about $4, and eggs for very cheap as well.  But the portions of thai food are pretty small and you will not get enough protein in normal meals to bulk up.  

What supplements is everyone planning on bringing?
Wil E.
Hey Johnny what's up,

I would recommend everyone that is training very hard to take a branch chain amino acid product. Either a powder or capsule. This will help a lot with recovery and promote new muscle growth. Bcaa's are the building blocks of muscle.

Those looking to drop some weight and shred up a little should supplement with  L-carnitine.

Glutamine is very good for recovery, if you take this your muscles will not get as sore. You can buy a powder with glutamine and bcaa's in it. You mix these in with your water and sip on it periodically during training. There are a lot of these powders available, personally I like Xtend. A Thai boxing session complete with running or skipping will be about 3 hours. Everyone should be taking a drink like this. After an hour or so of cardio, the body will start to eat away at itself. That's why marathon runners and some Thai boxers look emaciated. Sipping a bcaa drink during training will delay this process. Then you can get some food/protein shake in you right after your workout.

A little creatine never hurt anyone either.

See you in October

I noticed Will recommended Xtend & was just wondering if you can buy Scivation Xtend in Chalong.  I am running out of the supply i brought & would like more.
Will E.
Not that I know of. Maybe someone else knows of a place.
What's up with your e-mail? It's taking a really long time to get a response from you TMT guys :/
TMT staff
J whats your email address?
I have sent 4 emails over the past 3 weeks and haven't got a response.  I just had a few questions for you.  Is your email down? Or do you have a new email address? Thanks!
Will E.
H Ryan,

Yes it was down, but now it's up and running. Please tell me your email address so we can contact you.


Johnny Jen
Hey Will thanks a lot for your suggestions bro!  I'm looking forward to seeing you. My plane tickets and reservations are booked and confirmed for October 5th.  

I bought everything on your list of recommendations.  Plus the stuff I already bought previously.  This is everything that i'm bringing: 

SciFit L-Carnitine 500, 60 Capsules (fat loss)
S.A.N. Performance Creatine, 250 Grams (relieves muscle soreness for me)
SciVation Xtend, 90 Servings, Refreshing Grape (1170g) (recovery)
CytoSport Complete Casein, 2.05 Lbs., Banana Creme (before bed slow protein)
Multivitamins (overall health)
Fish Oil (Omega 3) (heart, fatloss and vision)
Glucosamine (For Joints)
Whey Protein Powder (muscles)

I was going to save some money and buy the BCAAs and the Glutamine separate but the Xtend sounds like it'll taste better and be a good alternative to drinking Gatorade during workouts.  Thanks for all the suggestions bro!  

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