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You can now pay for your Highlight reel and/or Video & Photo packages online!

Book your D-Bauchery Films Highlight Reel before arriving at TMT,
over and over again I hear the same story "oh man I regret not getting my HL reel, training filmed or training photos while at TMT"

This happens all to often, I get endless emails with interests in our services and even paper work filled out with deposits. Then at the end of your trip you forget, dont have time, and in most cases short on cash due to way too many nights out in Patong DRINKING!..

On average a night out in Patong drinking will cost you between 2000-6000 baht!, and only thing you capture is a bad hangover and empty wallet with little memory of what you did.

Not everyone gets to come to Thailand and train under and with World Champion trainers/fighters in the beautiful tropics of Phuket. To most people its a ONE in a life time experience so why not "Capture the Moment" with a professional training video and/or Photos to take home share with all your friends , family and to treasure your Muay Thai Holiday forever?.
 ORDER TODAY http://www.D-BaucheryFilms.com


Hi I'm was interested in getting my training filmed for me to take home. I'm traveling to TMT in march 2011 for I think 28 days, my questions is firstly would it cost more to do the whole month than say a week or two? Also do you hav to pay before you see the finished product or do u pay for the film/highlight reel when u get the disc?

I look forward to hearing from you.
Danny D-Bauchery
hello Aaron,

  Please refer to my website HTTP://www.D-BaucheryFilms.com

Each filmed shoot is 1 1/2 hours long and the filmed shoot is set up for a highlight reel, in that shoot I capture the footage I need to produce your product. (1 1/2 hours of my time I capture about 35-40 minutes of footage) depending on what package you choose is the amount of hours you hire me for and raw footage you'll receive + highlight reel + photo CD.

You must pay either in full (before the shoot(s)) or leave a 500 Thai baht deposit before scheduling in any shoots. FULL payment must be made upon the 1st video shoot.
NO refunds!
D-Bauchery Films is proud to say that I have yet to have any complaints to date, 100+ highlight reel produced and 100% customer satisfaction
Hey Danny,

I'm just about to buy one of the packages - I just have one question. If I have a fight against a local Thai fighter, can that be filmed as well? If so, do I have to pay for it separately, or is it included in the package price?

Danny D-Bauchery
If u purchase one of my packages, your fight video & pictures only cost a extra 300 baht!, if you'd like the fight edited to your highlight reel it's will cost you a total of 800 baht extra.
If you would just like your fight video & picture it will cost 800 baht.

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