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I'm likely coming to TMT for 4-8 weeks soon.  Main purpose:  Maximum weight loss + increased fitness.

My question is regarding accommodations, I'm trying to decide between staying in a room at the training camp itself or staying in a nearby resort room (like the Signature for example).  Obviously a resort would be nicer, but it's also further away, and I am wondering if staying there I would miss out on the "immersion experience" of TMT and not get the results I would if I were to stay at the training camp itself - ?  That was confusing, I guess what I'm asking is this:  All other factors being equal, will I get better results staying at the training camp or staying at a resort room, or will the results be the same?

Joey TMT
Hi Apache,

  If you want to stay in the camp, make sure you book in advance since it is Peak Season. If you can't get a room in the camp, don't worry since most of the resorts are near the camp anyway and we do have weekly activities for guests to be able to meet other guests.
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