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I have a few questions:

1. Thinking of coming in Mid Feb 2013 for 1 mth and staying in hotel offsite (maybe Cocoville or The One). How soon do I need to book? - I assume this is peak season.

2. Are there restaurants, supermarket, things to do near TMT without a motorcycle? (insurance will not cover motobike in Thailand). Can I get there by walking/pushbike? How far is the nearest nearest beach for swimming?

3. Am interested in weightloss/conditioning and improving technique with mixed MT and MMA program. Will too much weights training be bad for the other training? Do you still do beach bootcamp style training?

Joey TMT
Greetings Ken,

  1. It is best that you make reservations now since it is peak season and these resorts do get filled up. Contact info@tigermuaythai.com

  2. Yes, the street has grown and we do have stores, restos, walking distance from the camp. TKO rental services also offers pushbikes

  3. Yes Ken, we actually have 2 fitness classes per day now as well

See you soon!
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