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Hey, I've finally done it and booked my first trip to train Muay Thai in TMT Phuket!

Been planning this in my head pretty much since I got properly into the sport and am about 10% nervous, 90% excited. Am hoping to get some serious training in but want to be able to do the tourist thing as well (and beaches, mainly beaches)

Coming from the UK Nov 1st for about 2 months(ish) anyone else new turning up then?

Any tips for a newbie to Thailand?

Joey TMT
Greetings Pete!

  We get new guests that arrive everyday so yes you will not be the only Newbie at TMT. Did you book the Taxi pickup through us? if not, make sure you only pay 650 Baht for the Cab to TMT.

  Looking forward to having you here and you will find it easy to get around Phuket..More tips for you when you get here.

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