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10 Tips for fat loss, in simplest terms. I've found more and more that the average person just has no clue when it comes to proper nutrition or fat loss. Having a background in professional fighting and having to cut weight, I am often approached by friends and family for diet and exercise advice. I'm always glad to share my thoughts and experiences with others. This is just an effort to put together most of what I've learned over the last few years and maybe to help give a jumpstart to anyone who is new to this and wants to drop some fat, but doesn't want to do all the research. For the intermediate or experienced fighter, this should all be review. I am not a nutrition expert by any means, but have read and applied as much information as I could. These are all things that have worked for me, and primarily used to control my body fat level while increasing my body mass.

I I truly hope these tips will help get you on your way to fast fat loss.

1. Drink plenty of water. At least a gallon of water should be consumed every day. Water will not only keep your body hydrated, but it will help carry waste out of your body. Avoid "designer" water and carbonated "water". These products, while still better than most beverages, are not water and do not carry the same benefits. "But I don't like water" you say. Learn to love it. It loves you.

2. Eat 5-8 meals per day, every 2-3 hours. This should be nothing new to anyone. Just in case, the primary reason for increasing the frequency of food consumption is to increase your metabolic rate. If your body is in a constant state of using up the calories you consume, there won't be much room for those nasty fat cells to start filling up. If possible, you should try to count your calorie consumption. 10xyour body weight= calories per day. So if I want to lose weight and I weigh 205lbs then I should shoot for 2050 calories per day. Eat more, not less.

3. If it breathes, eat it. Your diet should consist of an abundance of fish, poultry, lean cuts of beef, vegetables, fruit, and nuts. Natural food is much friendlier to your digestive system and your body will thank you for it. Try to eat a vegetable with every meal. Even if you don't want to count calories, these meals will provide a rich balance of nutrients and promote fat loss. If you're a vegetarian, please go and try to feed some hummus to a lion. Let me know if he likes it.

4. Breakfast is really the most important meal of the day. Most people don't eat a good breakfast, if they eat anything at all. This meal is crucial. Remember how your body works better when in a constant metabolic state? Well, you just slept for 8 hours, and you weren't eating anything. Your body is starving and if you don't eat something soon, your metabolism will slow down and begin to store that fat you've worked so hard to get rid of. The best things to eat in the morning when focusing on fat loss are nuts and meat. Try to avoid sugars this early, as your body is highly insulin sensitive after a fast and you don't want to feed the beast when it's most hungry.

5. Eat something before bed.

A popular myth in the diet world is that any meal consumed before bed will turn into fat overnight. This couldn't be further from the truth. You must eat before you sleep in order to keep your metabolism working while you're enduring an extended fast. The best foods to eat are slow-digesting proteins such as yogurt or cottage cheese.

6. High Fructose Corn Syrup is the devil. This widely popular sweetener is probably the single worst "food" you can subject your body to. It holds no nutritional value and will serve only to spike your insulin levels and help you pack on fat. HFCS is found in most processed foods and should be avoided at all costs.

7. Forget about "carbs"

The recent trend of demonizing carbohydrates has got to stop. They're not as bad as people think. Focus on whole grains and vegetables and fruits. These are all carbohydrate-rich foods, and all very helpful in promoting fat loss. Things to avoid are refined carbs. Basically, anything that's fake: white bread and bagels, refined sugar, most breakfast cereal and almost anything in the "snack" aisle. Also, be careful of packaged, dried fruit. Most of it has added HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP which instantly destroys any nutritional value the fruit may have provided.

8. Fish oil is your friend.

This is a tough one. This one is even tough for me. Fish oil comes in capsules now, so you don't have to taste it going down, but you will taste it throughout the day, and that's not fun. However, with that said, fish oil is a huge help in reducing body fat. And it's relatively inexpensive. Again, this will be a tough one to swallow (pun intended), but if you really want to get that six-pack, it will sure help.

9. Train your body with weights.

This should be obvious, but for some reason, it's overlooked. The average person feels that cardio alone will help promote fat loss. In fact, steady state cardiovascular work will put your body in a catabolic state, burn muscle as well as fat, and will increase your performance at running on a treadmill, or using a recumbent bike or elliptical machine, depending on what you're doing. By training your body with weights, you will increase your muscle density. Muscle tissue will burn calories at a rate that is roughly 70 times that of fat. Basically, the more muscle you have, the easier it will be to lose fat. Now, especially for the women, increasing muscle density is not the same as increasing muscle size. You will not look like "those women" on ESPN with all the rippling muscles. These women work very hard to look like that, and you will never look like them unless you absolutely want to, and train to that end. Bottom line, weight training is key to fat loss.

10. Don't follow the rules 100% of the time.

How will you ever make progress if you're miserable with your diet? If you love to drink blue slurpees and eat snickers bars, then don't eliminate them completely from your diet. Taking a break from time to time is actually a good thing. This doesn't give you license to start eating everything in sight or to order the 5-5-5 from Dominoes for yourself, but one day per week you can go a little nuts, just keep it under control. This serves two purposes. One, the diet will be easier to stick to when you can keep eating the foods you really enjoy from time to time. Two, your metabolism will get a nice kick-start and begin working overtime to move all those sugars and calories around that it isn't used to.

THE GOOD NEWS...Thailand offers GOOD FOOD...that is GOOD FOR YOU~~~>and Muay Thai/MMA training offers a workout that will get you the results you desire!!!


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Bravo...u should write a book...what sensible advice...and well written...I've always heard it is better to drink clear alcohol, say for example Stoly shots, if u want to lose weight. Where do u stand on that issue...given your years of experience?
Sawasdee Tequila Fans,

John, if you and I are heading out together, it is tequila till sunrise and bit of Eagles as the chaser.

You vodka guys can go chase Katoeys while I relax and in the AC and the honeys lined up @ the Rock with my bottle on the table and Cigar in my hand.

Livin the life...all too large.

Miss you pal



Hey, careful with the vodka cracks, you pogue!  You never know who you'll offend.  You know I'm always there with you for the tequila times, but I definately won't shun the Stoly....little partial to Smirnoff though.  I've got to agree with you, John, Ray's quite the wordsmith...I think I see a spectacular writing career outside of the cage.
I can drink fru fru tequila drinks...but I once had a bad experience with tequila shots which scarred me for life...I can still taste the 2nd hand tequila in my throat...I'm shivering right now as I write.

But I would take the Bullet if Somchai Will demands I grow some cajones.

Good reading Ray " The Katoy Hunter " Elbe !
I hope to get away from Sweden in feb or mars again but it depends of my bosses will let me go for a hole mounth again.
I wanne come back and slap the strippers and show you guys how to drink tequila again

TMT Staff
Sawasdee Weight loss fans,

TMT wants to remind our guests that the high season and hotter weather is on the way for 2007-2008.

Please remember some healthy tips for training that can save you time off training and some pain.

Remember to keep hydrated and drink plenty of water and add electrolyte packs as needed up to 3-4 per day to keep away cramps and dehydration.

You will need more hydration if you spend a lot of time training and then in your room with AC. Drink plenty of water

Bananas are a great source of Potassium which will help prevent cramps.

Invest in a Multi-Vitamin and Mineral and take daily.

Eat High protein and low-carb to build muscle mass while losing fat. Thailand is a land of Seafood, so Shrimp, Fish, and Crab are on the diet.

Enjoy your training and if you have any fitness or diet questions please contact our weight-loss program coordinator, Suzy, for a personal assessment and workout/ and /or diet program.

Also Check out Tiger Muay Thai's new Tai Chi and Yoga programs available @ the camp on schedule.

Chok dee


Hi guys,

I know this is an old thread but the advice is great so I was wondering if the new meal plan program at camp will support this type of program?
I know that you can't lose all you want during a 1-month stay but it is enough to develop the right habits in a controlled environment.  Thanks.
3 Part Weight-loss program @ TMT
  1. Follow the steps and guidelines Ray has laid out at the start of this thread.
  2. Work with Peter aka "Thai Hulk" on diet and nutrition regimen, supplements and his daily classses.
  3. Try TMT's new DETOX programs at the Atmanjai Detox Center @ Friendship Beach. TMT guests get BIG discounts and have special programs set up for people training while wanting to DETOX
Chok Dee


Hi!  Thank you for the follow up.  May I ask what supplements should I bring over to reach my goals? When I was last in Thailand, supplements were pretty expensive.  I want to bring what I can.

Please see pinned thread on "Bringing Supplements to Thailand" We had another report of a guest having their supplements and vitamins seized by Customs Officials.
Ose Okojie
What are your tips for maintaining your weight or maybe even gaining weight while training at TMT, I do not want to lose weight but I am worried because I will be training 2x per day
TMT Staff
Eat more calories than you burn in training, take weight gain supplements, and work with our strength and conditioning coach, Peter aka "Thai Hulk"

Chok Dee


Elliott James
Would it be possible to lose 5-10kgs in 2 weeks at TMT and still be strong/fit enough to train every day.
Iv heard when you drop weight its harder to train to full potential
TMT Staff

Sorry for delay Elliot.

10 KG is pushing it. For that you might want detox. That is almost cutting.
If you come in needing to lose weight, you can expect to lose 7-8 kg per month...some more, some less depending how strict your diet and how disciplined you are.

Yes, if you starve yourself, you will lack energy for training, but eating right (several smaller meals each day) will keep energy up and you can train hard and still lose significant weight.

WE suggest most guests wanting a weight-loss regimen speak with our nutritionist, Peter, for proper workout schedule.

Chok Dee


Hello.. i was wondering if the person who started this thinggo can please contact me on italian_pride6@hotmail.com.. i just have a few questions

Exercise and eat right.

Stay away from fried foods, and foods with high fat content. I.E no mcdonalds, burger king, or fast food.

Eat a 1200 -1400 calorie diet, and exercise one hour a day for 3-5 days a week.

Eat foods such as chicken breast, turkey, fish, egg whites, (try to stay away from the egg yolks), anything wheat is usually really good for you (wheat bread & pita bread) Incorporate a lot of fruits and vegetables into your diet. Fish is also good. Try to eat three meals a day, or you can split up your meals into six meals a day. Stay away from trans fats, and stay on a low fat diet (20 grams per day). Oatmeal, and those healthy bars are good. For snacks, you can eat those 100 calorie packs.

As for lean cuisine for lunch, stay away from that. Lean cuisine meals have a lot of sodium on them which causes you to retain water.
Read more:-

mix martial arts

george azzi
hey there ive booked a 5 week stay at tmt and was wondering if it is possible to drop 15kgs in that time?
and ive got no experence in fighting but want to learn and even have a fight? is it enough time can someone help?
Will E.
Hi George,

That's a very ambitious goal. I can't promise you will reach that, but I can give you some pointers on how to go about it.

Start with a detox. People usually drop some kilos this way. Then start supplementing with protein, bcaa's, L carnitine, green tea extract and CLA.
These natural supplements will speed up your metabolism and promote fat loss. Then follow a strict training regimen. I would recommend sitting down with Peter the Thai hulk and making a proper training schedule to follow. You will want to mix some weight training in with the Muay Thai/MMA.

Five weeks experience total is generally not enough to have a fight. One way you may be able to do it is have and amateur smoker fight against another beginner. We hold smoker fights monthly at our bbq parties. So yes it is possible.


Hi Will

I'm coming on the 19th Dec to train for a month and wanted to do the detox as well. Do you think it would be better to do it before or after the training? Doing it during seems counter productive as will mean not operating on maximum.

I'm in Thailand for 6 weeks so can fit it in before or after. 


TMT staff
You should come in and train first. Our office staff can help you get a discount at the local detoxes.

You should see really god results between the two.

See you soon.

TMT staff
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